November 23, 2017

Safety wearables startup Leaf Wearables raises funding

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Funding story

The  smart wearables segment continues to reap rich dividends. Coming on the heels of GOQii’s bagging of funding last month is Leaf Wearables’s raising of $250,000(Rs. 1.6 crore) in seed funding. Leaf Wearables was set up by Avinash Bansal, Ayush Banka, Chiraag Kapil, Manik Mehta and Paras Batra, all alumni of Delhi Technological University and IIT Delhi.

About Leaf Wearables and its products

Set up in February 2015, the company has gone from strength to strength since. Leaf Wearables was set up under a project named “Guardian”, and Leaf Innovation Pvt. Ltd got underway formally in Feb 2015. Their trademark product is SAFER-a device which encapsulates the importance of Leaf Wearables as a safety device. Moreover, it is a “smart” safety device in the sense that alarms and calls can be sent to pre-identified phone numbers by SAFER  in the event of an emergency. Even more significant is the fact that this Leaf Wearables device can be worn as an ordinary necklace, in the form of jewellery. Thus, it is not a cumbersome article. Bulky smart devices may prove to be counter-productive, but Leaf Wearables circumvents this problem by making SAFER an easy-to-use device.
Another of SAFER’s features is SaferWalk, whereby users, who are walking or navigating particular paths can enter their starting points and destinations. SaferWalk then notifies the user’s guardians of the progress of his journey. In a world where cities are becoming increasingly unsafe, SAFER can be of great use.

The bottom line

The smart wearables market, though a niche segment, continues to ride strong, owing chiefly to the use of new, innovative technology. With over 175 million people expected to use smart wearables by 2020, startups are competing with each other to provide users with the best technologies possible. Leaf Wearbles’ innovative strengths, and emphasis on customer convenience are likely to see it steal a march over its competitors.

Visit the Leaf Wearables website for more info.

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