December 14, 2017

Reneide Nunes De Souza


How to move not just photos, files, and music but apps to SD card on Android?

Most Android phones are blessed with an external storage option. Flagship phones tend to have a 128GB or even 256GB expandable capacities, while the cheaper versions have only...

block ads, android phone

How to block ads on Android phone?

Advertisements today can cause a potential damage to any computing system. A myriad of devices can come under the spell of ads no matter how much safety you assume. Today ads are...

flash crashing google chrome

How to stop Flash crashing Google Chrome on Android and PC?

Shockwave Flash was brought by the world renowned company Adobe, who was responsible for providing graphical support to the Google’s advent, Chrome browser. For a very long...

Phone not charging

How to fix the problem of a phone not charging properly?

The need of smartphones in our everyday life does not require an explanation. So, it is a matter of inconvenience when you see your phone not charging properly. Lately, people...


3 Essential And Effective Manners To Convey Trust To Your Network Of Contacts As A Young Entrepreneur

The challenges of becoming a young entrepreneur go beyond than simply make your idea valuable in the market. Business management, in most cases, requires much study, analysis,...


8 Aspects That Differentiate The Extremely Successful People From The Successful Ones.

It is an undeniable fact that successful people are hard workers. However, you should not mistake them with the smart working extremely successful ones. Some people are a lot more...


How Can Employees Help With Innovation And What Can The Leaders Do About It?

Enterprise innovation is the sole aim of every startup and the big-wig today. As simple as it seems, innovation is hard to come by. You need highly motivated employees who will...


5 Free Tools To Meet The Rising Needs Of Every Solopreneur

The working methodology is changing rapidly. With most of the employer-driven manufacturing establishments making a drastic shift to nonemployer establishments, contributing...


4 Bad Habits Of Entrepreneurs That Sabotages Their Business

The results generated from company activities are directly linked to the professional habits that you practice every day. When an entrepreneur desires success, even knows the way...


What Is The Importance Of Testing A Business Idea?

  One of the most used formulas today involves product & idea validation based on the concept of “spending a little to introduce new business ideas into the market.”...


6 Popular Myths Surrounding How To Start A Business

There are people who can sell even in the worst scenery, like an economic crisis, for instance. After all, business fundamentals may become quite easy for some entrepreneurs, but,...


When Is It Necessary To Listen To A Customer Satisfaction Survey And Discard What They Say When Starting A Small Business

When starting a small-scale business, there comes a time when you want to test a prototype. Your primary intention would be to seek feedback on how the product is performing. You...


Richard Branson’s Shares His Proven Way To Start A Successful Business

Richard Branson is an English business magnate, investor, and philanthropist who founded the Virgin Group. He can help you with the starting point and teach exactly the steps you...


Why Should An Entrepreneur Understand The Importance Of Genuine Software And Protected Business?

The IoT (Internet of Things) is constantly evolving making everything more practical. This is especially true for entrepreneurs & startups, who need to manage large data bytes...


5 Simple Factors That Will Make Your Company Worth Millions With This Business Plan

For a startup to become sustainable, innovative and profitable, it takes much more than just passion. According to the report from “Breaking Through the Growth Ceiling,”...