January 21, 2017


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How To Form A Business Entity? Basic Tips For First-Time Entrepreneurs

If you are thinking of adding partners to your business, it can be an excellent opportunity to expand your business. Adding an established company to yours; is a good strategy;...

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Are You An Entrepreneur? These 5 New Year’s Resolutions Should be On Your List In 2017!

Before I begin with the topic, I just want to wish all of you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year, 2017! Hurray! Happy? You might ask! Yes, because this is a New Year so a new...

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How To Attain Relevance In Business? & Why Is It So Hard?

What Is Relevance And How Does It Matter? The success of a company is related to the priority given from the public. What maintains it, in fact, is the relevance that’s...

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5 Ways To Convert Your Product Launch Into High Sales

As an entrepreneur, you must jump through multiple hurdles to get your product the much-needed backup resources to ensure its smooth flow into the market and then make its way to...

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How To Create A Remarkable Name For Your Business?

The naming of a business is a creative challenge which is a tumultuous process full of doubts and unsettling feelings. It becomes increasingly difficult because there are hundreds...

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Top 5 Excellent Startup Resources For Entrepreneurs in 2017

A startup enthusiast today has far too many resources at his/her disposal that truly make failure as an invalid option. There is every tool available at the click of a mouse...

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Startup Acquisition 2016

Why Do Startup Acquisitions Make Headlines? The talk of startup acquisition is not a numbers game, for keeping a numerical record does not usually interest neither the...


Top 10 Social Media Rules

Let’s be honest for a second; social media is a big deal. If you’re a part of the two percent of people who are not on social media in any way, shape, or form then that’s...


Rs. 300 crore to be invested by Apus creating 500 jobs in three years in India

  The world’s largest android app development Chinese company APUS is planning to invest Rs. 300 crore in Indian initial stage startups. “Apus wants to increase its...