February 24, 2017



5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Time-Honored Promotional Methods As Entrepreneur

Most of the youth today, deliberately cuff them to the technology. While it is not entirely wrong, it is, however, quite unethical for an entrepreneur. To surround yourselves...


Ola Plunges With Less Valuation & Funding: Latest News

The Story So Far India’s biggest cab aggregate service, Ola takes a plunge with a new phase of down rounding. A Down Round is a term used when a startup enterprise raises lesser...



Environment-Friendly Cars We all envisage for a calming day to day life. As we all know due to pollution it’s becoming hard to survive day to day life, hence welcoming Electric...


How To Prevent Your Business From Seasonality?

Anybody with a company has certainly faced a phenomenon called Seasonality. It is considered one of the critical reasons that can lead a company to bankruptcy.   Finding out...

consumer behaviour

How To Conduct A Consumer Behaviour Study? Follow These 5 Tips.

Why Is Consumer Behaviour Important?   Studying consumer behaviour can be the answer to all your questions when it comes to increasing sales or improving the product...


How To Conduct A Courageous Conversation As An Entrepreneur?

When we develop attributes that characterise the professional that we are, it becomes ever more important to have courageous conversations, whether at a speech, a conference or a...

personal bills, business bills

How To Control Personal And Business Bills, Simultaneously? Tips For Entrepreneurs.

A Little Organisation Goes A Long Way Excellent organisation comes from a disciplined mind. It is not a gimmick, but more of a tactic that can avoid and even resolve many...


A single message can crash your iPhone!

It seems there are too many bugs on iOS! Previously android used to have bugs but now Apple has taken the charge to bugify its own OS! Now, there is a new bug in iPhone again! A...


How To Minimize Elements That Influence Customers?

Many times we think that need is the main reason that motivates the consumers to buy, but, in reality, the principles go further deep. If you get to know some of these principles...


Facebook apps has power consumption issues!

As an Android Users, we know that how a resource hog Facebook apps are! Since a big a resource hog the apps can be, recent reports say that the apps have an increment in power...


A complete overview of Asus Zenfone 3 Max

ASUS recently launched a new smartphone to its Zenfone series i.e Zenfone 3 Max. The ZenFone 3 Max (ZC553KL) is priced at Rs. 17,999. It will be available in Titanium Gary,...


Redmi Note 4 to launch on Jan 19 in India

Redmi Note 4, a successor to the extremely popular Note 3, is about to hit the Indian Market. After a successful launch of the same in China, the firm may launch it here in India,...

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How To Open A Branch Office? 5 Essential Tips For Rising Entrepreneurs.

Franchising has significant advantages for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business. For instance, creating a brand to lead, is no longer necessary. Primarily, this type of...


How To Know The Most Suitable Profitability Indicator For Your Business?

Knowing and applying the profitability indicators of a company is essential to find out if its profitability is below or above expectations. It allows you to intervene & take...


Razer has three display laptop concept. Wait, what!?

Engineers at Razer are crazy in building computing stuff. Recently at CES 2017, Razor showcased a tri-display rig with each display of 17-inch. A perfect stuff for gaming? Yes, it...