January 21, 2018

Manage your shared expenses, split, track and remind with an App

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App Review #2: KnoDues: Why Carry Dues On Head, Let’s Download ‘KnoDues’!!

‘Dues’ for so many expenses makes our lives so frantic. As we cannot remember all our frequent Lending & Borrowings in our daily lives especially when you are living a bachelor’s life, its very painfull to manage shared expenses.

We plan vacations with our group of pals, be it close friends, family-relatives, colleagues, or even sometimes with one we dont know but joins in a group to be part of the trip. We hangout for eatouts, movies or just outing, share same flat or going to any event, this all involves sharing money which later becomes very troublesome to split, track and get those money back from your pals.

So, what generally we do to synchronize and manage our Budget and Expenses? We usually use dairies, postit notes, n number of spreadsheets or manual reminders in our mobile phones to keep a track of all our expenses and Dues. People drop it in between doing so or might be its quite appalling or excruciating to ask for the Dues to our close relatives or best buddies.

No more worries, here comes a mobile App that lets you track your shared expenses, split them and send reminders to all your friends who owes how much to whom.

It’s such an enthralling App to install. It facilitates you to manage or deal with all your shared expenses and Dues with in your App.

Today’s extreme social and digital lives has made us so connected and beyond the traditional boundries, that it feels like we have solutions for everything. With technology evolving exponentially and new startups and businesses with unique and exceptionally brilliant ideas coming out of the fresh minds and aspiring entrepreneurs there’s nothing left untouched.

How this works?

This app automaticall syncs your contacts in the Mobile Apphat a person only need to do is to share friends/relatives Mobile number on it with which they can share one common screen, where everything is crystal clear. Now nobody will feel or think somewhat before asking for their own Dues, as ‘KnoDues’ will clear all Dues. Yes!! Only we just need to share our friends and relatives Mobile numbers in it, no E-Mail Id’s or no any other personal details just mobile number will resolve all problems in minutes.

KnwDues1     KnwDues3


‘KnoDues’ Record your shared expenses, split it easily, keep a track of all your Dues and share them with your friends or relatives whose mobile numbers are shared and remind them for dues. It’s as stress-free as you are on chat.

App design & Performance:

UI: A uniquely designed app with a great look and amazing view. Rating- 4/5

UX: Apps like this needs a great sense of ease of usability and user inputs, which this app has shown in their UX desing and has done really good job. Rating-4.5/5

Performance: Mobile App works fine with average internet connection also. Has an average size of App, 6.7MB and climbing the download count to 1K+ in just 10 days of release. Rating-4/5

Subscription: Value for money?

The mobile app is freely avaliable on App Store to download and currently there is no in-app purchase as well as the moment.

Download or Not?

This is a must app for your phone, if you are a kind of guy who lives with friends and too much in a shared environmet. Keep sharing the expenses for all matters. Now your life is easy for making shared expenses split, track  and remind to get the money back.

Download it Here: Android

Face behind it!

And this is what these two young, hard working, energetic and self-motivated buddies Saket and Sahil came up in August 2015 and worked out to present with such an amazing app in early September 2015 to make our shared transactions a lot more easier to manage now.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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