New High-Profile Internet Startups Facing Trouble

SAN FRANCISCO: Several investors are speculating if further trouble looms for high-profile internet startups. That’s leading them to look extra hard at companies with on-demand, logistics-heavy businesses that cater to consumers rather than businesses.

Below are some of the internet companies that have failed drastically in recent years.

2015: Offsite-office assistants business Zirtual announces shut down;

Online shopping site Fab sold at a deep discount;

Social network Path sold at a deep discount;

Cleaning service Homejoy shuts down;

Upscale grocery business Good Eggs closes in all cities but San Francisco.

2014: Internet-TV business Aereo announces bankruptcy.

2012: Photo-sharing service Color sells at a deep discount Social news website Digg sells at a deep discount.

2011: Daily deals site BuyWithMe sells at a deep discount.


If the success rate for high profile internet startups like these goes on dropping in this manner, the results is going to be fatal for aspiring starts-ups.



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