January 21, 2018
iPhone X cheaper

10 countries where you may get Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X cheaper than in India

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iPhone 8 and iPhone X – the names need no introduction. They are one of the latest sensations in the world of smartphones. While the world is going crazy with the features, look, design, functionality, etc. of the smartphone, it is the price of the smartphone that is holding most of the people from buying this gadget.

Price of the iPhone is a significant barrier to the purchase of the smartphone. While the price of the phone is touching the sky in India with being in the price range of Rs 89,000 to Rs 1.02lakh, there are some of the countries where the gadget is available at a low price. Here are the following 10 countries from where the users can get the iPhone at a relatively low price than India.

  1. U.S.A.: U.S.A. is the first country where iPhone X and iPhone 8 can be bought in the price range of Rs 64,000 to Rs 73,700 which is much lower than in India.
  2. Canada: With the offered price of Rs 69,400 to Rs 80,500, Canada is on the second position where people can find cheaper iPhone models.
  3. Hong Kong: Hong Kong is offering iPhone X within a price range of Rs 70,500 to Rs 81,100 and therefore, it is on the third position.
  4. UAE: At the fourth place is, UAE with a price offering of Rs 71,600 to Rs 82,600.
  5. Singapore: Securing the fifth position in the list of the countries offering cheaper iPhone models, Singapore has maintained the price from Rs 78,200 to Rs 89,600.
  6. Australia: Australia being on the sixth position offers an iPhone X in the price range of Rs 81,000 to Rs 93,800.
  7. China: Though there is not much difference in the price that China offers but it is still cheaper than India. China is offering a price between Rs 82,100 to Rs 95,000.
  8. New Zealand: you can make iPhone X yours in the price range of Rs 83,500 to Rs 97,400.
  9. UK: UK can offer you iPhone X in the price range of Rs 84,600 to Rs 97,300.
  10. Denmark: Last in the list is Denmark which offers a price range of Rs 87,600 to Rs 1 lakh for an iPhone X.

These are the countries where you can rush for getting a cheaper iPhone X and iPhone 8.

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