forays into fashion accessories segment

1583 forays into fashion accessories segment, India’s No.1 mobile, and tech accessories e-tailer, today announced entry into the fashion accessories segment with the launch of a wide assortment of a product like wallets, watches, and sunglasses. This is in line with’s strategy of continuously innovating and introducing promising categories to meet rapidly changing customer needs and demands.

The fashion accessories

The fashion accessories market size of India is estimated to be USD 4.5 Billion while the tech & mobile accessories market size is USD 3.0 Billion.’s pan India consumer survey showcases growing fashion awareness in tier-I and tier-II cities, consumers between the age group of 18-34 prefer to buy fashion accessories online and male to female purchase ratio is 4:1.

Mr. Ameen Khwaja, the Founder, and CEO of

On the entry into fashion accessories space on, Mr. Ameen Khwaja, the Founder and CEO of said, that the Indian fashion accessories market is expected to grow to $ 6 billion by 2019. It is obviously a promising market with strong growth. Fashion consumers are increasingly opting for online fashion accessories. The frequency of purchase by an individual customer has increased and online sites provide a wider choice before making a selection. The accessories market is not limited to urban consumers. With the increase in penetration of internet, it is gradually spreading across tier-II and tier-III cities as well.

Mr. Ameen Khwaja also said that there are several similarities and synergies in Tech & Mobile accessory and fashion accessory space, which led LatestOne to a logical extension of products to add this category. will invest INR10 million per month and will sell semi-branded/non-branded fashion accessories. Male accessories priced between INR 199 – INR500.

Key similarities in Tech & Mobile accessory and fashion accessory space are:

ü  Similar online buying a pattern

ü  Same customer profile

ü  Same price range of products

ü  Procurement channel is similar

ü  High margin, high volume, low-value products

ü  Products are small in size and amenable to logistics of warehousing & delivery.

The target  processed In the last 3 months, over 100,000 orders in the category of fashion accessories, The target is to process 5,000 orders per day in this category by next financial year.