Criteo partnered with Tata CLiQ to deliver customized and dynamic shopping experience

Criteo partnership, Tata CLiQ saw a steady rise in ARPU, ROI and a higher month-on-month business contribution.



The advertising platform for the open Internet announced that its data-driven technology has enabled Tata CLiQ, Tata Group’s multi-brand, Phygital e-commerce platform in India, to better understand their shoppers’ online browsing behavior.


App Advertising

The App Advertising through Criteo Dynamic Retargeting has helped TataCLiQ in delivering visually appealing ads and increasing their customer engagement.  Within a year of partnership with Criteo, the company witnessed 1.5 times increase in ROI, 7 percent increase in business contribution on a month-on-month basis and 20-40 percent increase in average revenue per user (ARPU).


As a trend, there has been a rapid rise in customers using multiple devices and multiple platforms while browsing for shopping. Therefore, targeting the consumer at the right time, providing convenience and personalized engagement has been the key to achieve the desired results.


Criteo brand


Criteo as a brand has been eyeing these trends and specialized in providing solutions that would best fit in these scenarios. With Criteo’s in-app retargeting solution, Tata CLiQ has been delivering personalized dynamic ads that are scalable to all ad sizes across a wide variety of mobile apps. Tata CLiQ has delivered the right ad at the right moment in the shopper’s journey, so that customers are encouraged to purchase, rather than just browse.

Expressing his views on the partnership, Siddharth Dabhade, General Manager, Criteo.


Digital consumers in India today have a variety of choices when it comes to e-commerce platforms, millions of products and services to choose from, and multiple devices to engage and discover on. Thus, it is complicated and expensive for retailers to find, attract and retain customers and ultimately generate long-term loyalty for their platforms. So, it has become even more important that retailers take advantage of retargeting in digital advertising, to discover and retain their real customers.


India is also recognized as the country with the most numbers of mobiles apps installed, which is why app becomes a crucial point of conversion. But with the variety of choices and a large number of apps in the market, marketers face the challenge of high abandonment rate of apps after the initial usage. By adopting app retargeting, marketers can boost their in-app engagement strategy and keep up with local, mobile-first shoppers. Tata CLiQ has achieved an increase in ROI after partnering with Criteo. Their endeavor is to help e-commerce companies increase sales; and ensure that shoppers complete a transaction, rather than losing their interest and shifting to another website.


Sharing his experience, Sidharth Srinivasan, Head of Digital Marketing, Tata CLiQ 


The trend of omnichannel shopping has brought about an opportunity of offering seamless online-to-offline shopping experiences and convenient mobile in-app shopping. Tata CLiQ prides itself as an omnichannel marketplace, combining online and offline shopping to offer a mix of physical and digital shopping experiences.


They believe the rise of mobile and in-app shopping means that they must respond as a business and effectively target shoppers with personalized content on mobile apps, thereby ensuring that shoppers are reminded of the Tata CLiQ products they like and return to complete transactions on an app.


The App Advertising


The App Advertising through Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, effectively engage with shoppers and meet initial targets within a short timeframe.  As an experiment with identifying new audiences and positioning ourselves as the go-to platform for all offerings, Criteo’s support will be vital in making sure sharing the right offerings with customers and delivering the best in-app shopping experience nationwide.


 Tata CLiQ – Criteo case study