After-effects of an economic war between India and Pakistan and their allies


Economic War: Indo-Pak relations have always been a futile one. Friction between the two strong nations, has led to a void, a void that displays the incapability of nations to attain their full potential due to this dissension.

As we have been seeing for the past few years that, India is continuously making efforts to pacify and harmonize the Indo-Pak relations. But the apathetic response received from the neighbourhood(Pakistan), shows its non-concerned nature to neutralize the underlying strain between the two, on the contrary the terrorist attack promoted by Pakistan is not only harming the Indian nationals but along with this, it is also tarnishing the humanity and souring its relation with democracies worldwide.

india and pakistan

As already seen Pakistan is almost left aside by all nations accept for China, which neither supports Pakistan’s negative action nor takes a stand against it, which is equally damaging. China being the world’s second largest economy is a backbone to Pakistan, and undoubtedly a strong support.

The terrorist action supported or say promoted by Pakistan from the past few years has received a major hit back to their nation. The surgical strike and the air strike performed as retaliatory action by Indian government, has proved its defensive capabilities without shredding word, over it the global support received by India after these retaliatory strikes reflects its global diplomatic strength.

Coming to a count, out of top 4 world’s largest economy, top 3 economies stands strong to support the Indian government and its action, which is way above  the support received by Pakistan from China.

Now coming to numbers let us compare the economies of two nations:

1.GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCTUS$ 3,088 billionUS$ 273 billion
2.PER CAPITA INCOMERs. 1,12,835/yearRs. 180,204/year
3.FOREIGN DEBTUS$529.7 billionRs.29.861 trillion
4.GOLD RESERVES557.77 tonnes64.50 tonnes
5.FOREIGN EXCHANGEUS$ 400 billionUS$ 6.9 billion
6.FDI$ 43.48 billion$ 27.61 billion
7.GROWTH RATE7.41%5.7%
8.LITERACY RATE74.04%60%

The data and graph presented above says everything about the economic background of two nations. To add India’s GDP is 10 times higher than that of Pakistan. According to Nominal GDP, India is 5th largest economy whereas according to PPP GDP it is 3rd largest whereas Pakistan according to nominal GDP ranking stands 43rd and according to PPP GDP ranking stands 25th.

To conclude there isn’t much about to say about the after effects of economic war, after seeing the data presented above. Already 80% of the trade war is open with Pakistan, which is badly hitting its market. But once the economic war is brutally on, Pakistan will have to suffer a major setback which would be completely unavoidable and this would lead to economic drought like conditions for Pakistan. So it is better that government of the two nations should initiate a positive healthy discussion so as to harmonize the relation that would bring peace to both nations and that would create a healthy global socio-group.