Animals can behave strangely sometimes, An Eel or a Snakehead? who stole duck’s bite?

snakehead fish

who stole duck’s bite: A recent viral video has created a sense of dilemma amongst people and has stuck brains with numerous questions. Why do animals behave bizarrely? Do they also want to be social media stars? Is the wildlife much attracted to the social life we live in? May be may be not. But as seen animals do behave strange when cameras are around, they feel like catching all the eyeballs. They feel like grabbing the limelight. Not all creatures come to our notice, not all we pamper the same. May be this is the reason that leads to a rush of emotions in them. Emotional feeling of being dejected makes them behave bizarre. So this puzzled behavior may be the reason of grabbing our attention and receive same amount of pamper as received by their fellow friends.

The short sight of a fish clinging onto duck’s food has aired a buzz amongst the wildlife researchers.This buzz is not just because of it being an eel or a snakehead. But because of it being anyone of these as mentioned below, and if it is so it could be a great threat to human’s,  as well as species in that vicinity.

1) Eels

These have 3 varieties, Moray, Electric and Fresh water.

Moray eels

These have strong and sharp teeth that helps to hold their prey and cause serious injuries to one. These are ferocious and attack when disturbed.

Electric eels

These generate an electric current of about 600 volts. Attack by these, leads to an intense shock followed by death.

Freshwater eels

who stole duck’s bite: These are normal fish, which if present in water body,  are no threat to any species in their vicinity except their prey that are small worms and crustaceans, but this is the part of food web that has no randomization and thereby maintaining nature’s balance.

2) Snakehead

Snakeheads can survive on land for as long as four days. That implies for it being migratory in nature. These are predatory in nature thereby causing damage to the aquatic life and the land species they feed on, on a random level, and further disrupting the food web.

The description above completely explains the reason of worry, if it is a Moray or an Electric variety of Eel or a Snakehead. But if it is a Freshwater Eel then there is almost no reason to worry about.

Just after this video went viral, the US department began with its continuous sequence of research to describe the kind of fish it was, in order to eradicate if dangerous or to take a sigh of relief if it is a fresh water eel or a normal fish that is not dangerous and belongs to a different form of species.

This viral video could either lead to acknowledgment of a new species or an indicative source that will help in getting rid from some serious threat.