Isn’t it great! “No more visa problem” Indians can apply for Brazilian visa easily

india and Brazil
india and Brazil

India and brazil: Efforts are worth appreciable when a country makes effort to ease out the traveling process for the foreign citizens making it both cost-effective and convenient.

SAO PAULO: In an official visit to China, the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro announced ease to visa procedure by reducing the requirements for a visa for developing countries like China and India.

Earlier this year the visa requirement ease for visiting Brazil was officially announced for developed countries like the US, Japan, Canada and Australia by the Brazilian government.

India and Brazil: The whole and sole idea of this ease is to boost tourism in Brazil thereby generating good revenue. Brazil’s current count of foreign visitors per year is about 6.5 million tourists per year. And it is targeting for a visit of 12 million tourists per annum.

India and Brazil: Procedure

1) Make an online appointment.

2) Complete your application form

3) Prepare the required documents.

4) Submitting your file.

5) Fee payment (Brazilian visa fees for Indian nationals is the US $80)

6) Receive your visa.

Earlier, requirements for getting a Brazilian visa

1) Passport- should be valid for 6 months, signed, and at least two free pages to attach visa.

2) Visa application form

3) Passport size photographs

4) Visitor’s visa information form

5) Resident card and /or valid visa with re-entry.

6) Proof of residence and ID such as a driving license or utility bill.

7) Official company’s letter (If moving Brazil for a job)

8) Invitation letter with details of the trip and Brazilian host IDs.

9) Finance reference from the bank if self-employed.

10) Round trip flight booking or confirmed itinerary

11) Proof of sufficient funds

12) Enrollment letter

13) Confirmation of participation and/or attending an event or conference etc.

14) Birth certificate with a parental consent form for minors.

15) Prepaid, self-addressed envelope for return of passport by mail.

Viewing the liberty received for requirement reduction for a Brazilian visa, other than passport no such detailed documentation is required.

India and Brazil: Getting a hold of the change made, citizens of both the nations are going to receive an equal benefit share of this. The Brazilian government will be able to generate greater revenue that would benefit its citizens and the Indian citizens traveling to Brazil will receive traveling ease and a mental booking comfort which would attract a good lot of tourists to visit Brazil. to know more continue on pageswype.