Nasa plans its first manned SpaceX mission by 2020


NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced that SpaceX might launch US astronauts to International space station by 2020

NASA being the best space research organization has always maintained its impressive decorum on the global forum, but this is for the first time that NASA is collaborating with SpaceX to send its men for space mission, here is how SpaceX leads old space research organization.

Remarkable space exploration by Nasa

  • Apollo moon landing mission
  • The Skylab space mission.
  • The space shuttle
  • Supports international space station.

SpaceX (Space Exploration Technology Corporation)

It is a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation agency, with its headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Founder: Elon Musk

Goals of SpaceX:      

   1) Colonization of Mars

   2) Reducing Space transportation cost

Few strong vehicles by SpaceX:

1) FALCON   [launch vehicle]

2) DRAGON [spacecraft]

The vehicle used for carrying these astronauts for the space missions designed by SpaceX is CREW DRAGON.

Salient Features of crew dragon

  • Flies 400km above Earth.
  • Can recover successfully from orbit.
  • It is a successor of Dragon cargo spacecraft.
  • Has a capability of carrying 7 astronauts.
  • Partially reusable, leading to be cost reductive.

It is launched into orbit by SpaceX launch vehicle FALCON-9.

Crew dragon capsule has already been launched in April that exploded during a test flight. A continuous delay was observed due to this failure. There will be a high altitude abort test to ensure the safety of capsule as it would be carrying humans along so safety becomes priority.

The testing includes:

  • 10 additional mid-air drop test to test parachutes performance.
  • The spacecraft propulsion system.

SpaceX is completely emphasizing on this capsule to be tested finally and delivered to NASA by the end of 2019.

A brief history

NASA had retired from its space shuttle program in the year 2011. Since then it is completely dependent on Russian space research organization for its Russian men carrier spacecraft to ride its astronaut to and fro from the space station which would roughly cost NASA about $85 million per seat.

But at present NASA is relying onto SpaceX and Boeing to perform the same task which was earlier the part of Russian regime.

Comparison between Nasa and SpaceX


  • It is involved in space travel and exploring the space as to benefit humans and enhancement of human resource.
  • It is not at all a cost effective space organization.


  • It is religiously into space travelling and finding the possible life and survival options on ither planet especially Mars.
  • It is a cost effective space organization.

The enhancing technologies and the nature of the big techs to bind together is great sign of more development and a better research platform, the combine working and the team spirit of two great space organization would bring the space research to a great new level where the budding generation would love to be the part of and this way the organization would get surplus amount of variety human resource which would undoubtedly lead to best output.