Scamming practices from ggbet


TLDR abuses their already atrocious range of policies towards Clinics which I would consider scam

So after their response and Q & A in their marketing attempt to conserve their new image, I decided to give ggbet a shot.
As a preface, I am currently using 4 additional’mainstream’ sites and am aware of betting schemes like”bonus” that requires a particular wager, which has been the problem last moment.
Right now I’d love to bring up what I’d consider an insult in their policies.
What happened:
I made two bets on the same match, on two different lines (first blood and first 10 kills) at the specific same time.
2×50 f10
1×100 fb
One got canceled for reasons that were undisclosed and unknown. The simple fact that the winning one is canceled while the losing one isn’t may add distress, but isn’t the point I am trying to create. It’s how they could cancel ANY bets, WITHOUT giving you any reasons. This is, of course, stated in their own rules.
Edit: a reply has been made by GGbet in here and in email:
Earlier this day you have appealed to our online-chat to discover the motive, why bet ID 1239861 was cancelled. In this respect our support team made a request to the experts responsible for the approval and cancellation of bets and today we are delighted to provide you with a response. The thing is that the bet in question has been cancelled due to how the live-odds market wasn’t closed on schedule and the bet was made after the final result was really understood. The cash was returned to you based on our rules, specifically, paragraph 7.7. Any wager (including a Live wager ) placed on an event, the end result of which is known at the moment of gambling, will be considered null and void and will be subject to reunite, as well as excluded from an express wager. GGbet service team, yours This is my reply:
This is not really correct.
The draft started in 07:43 (according to a GGbet clock, all times mentioned here is your clock). Source:
The bet was created at 07:50 (according to a GGbet clock)

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