January 16, 2018

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growth-hacking, culture

How to Identify Growth-Hacking Elements & Make your Startup Above the Average?

What is Growth Hacking? What are the growth-hacking tips for a startup to grow above the average? The secret lies in problem-solving and having an innovative team culture which...


Entrepreneurial Journey at the Age of Sunset, is it Worth the Risk?

Quite recently, the Inc. magazine interviewed more than thirty entrepreneurs who started their business voyage in their mature years. They interviewees were all between the ages...

resume, employment gaps

How to Prepare for a Big Interview When there are Employment Gaps on your Resume?

Stating employment gaps on a resume is embarrassing and it is obvious to have second thoughts about that. No professional will tell you otherwise. Being unemployed can occur due...

team members, manager

3 Tips for Managers to Boost Confidence in Your Team Members At a Startup

Being a good manager is akin to being a good parent. There are times when you need to enforce discipline among the team members, and at times, sympathy. Sometimes, appreciation is...

business, entrepreneur, product

What is the Best Time to Start a business? What you Need to know?

The single most dilemma of entrepreneurs is not knowing when is the right time to step into self-employment. Even with a lot of professional training and work experience, making a...

design thinking, innovation

How to Apply Design Thinking in your Startup Culture?

Innovating is not something that occurs naturally because the mind tends to follow the pre-established patterns. The issue of creating something new & attractive for the...

Get Google Assistant

How to Get Google Assistant On Any Phone Running Android Marshmallow and Nougat

Yesterday, Google announced that more and more Android devices will get Google Assistant. But here’s a twist! Google will roll out this feature slowly – in phases. For...

business expansion

How To Expand Your Business? Follow These 6 Tips For Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur experiences a phase during his or her career when they dream of business expansion to the vast corners of the nation. The mess up usually occurs when they do...

strategic planning

3 Essential Planning Tips For A Better Strategy

What Is A Strategy? A strategy is a set of actions to be implemented at the eminent hour of need. Without one at hand, no war, no organisation and no business can ever function or...

Secure Website

How to know if a site is secured

  Are you an online shopper? Or Just a visitor who like to subscribe various blogs? No matter who you are, when you visit a website, you are reveling your identity like your...

consumer behaviour

How To Conduct A Consumer Behaviour Study? Follow These 5 Tips.

Why Is Consumer Behaviour Important?   Studying consumer behaviour can be the answer to all your questions when it comes to increasing sales or improving the product...

How to Track and Find Your Lost iPhone

How to Track and Locate Your Lost iPhone?

Have you lost your brand new phone? Moreover was it a brand new and costly iPhone? If yes, then I’m really sorry to hear that. Well, like other journalists I won’t ask...


How to Unlock iPhone without Pressing the Home Button?

With iOS 10 many new features and UI changes have arrived. Most of them have made the user experience even better. However, there are a few things which are pretty annoying. Among...

Galaxy Note 7

How to Enable Android Device Manager?

Not finding your Android phone? Is it stolen? Here’s what you can do. But wait! there is nothing you can do if you have not already set the device. Most Android smartphones...

Apple ID

How to change Email Address Linked with your Apple ID?

Whenever you purchase anything from iTunes or App Store you have to use your apple id to sign in. Moreover, in iClouds and App Store you also have to sign in with your Apple ID....