January 21, 2018


Microsoft Partners Qualcomm

Microsoft Partners Qualcomm to bring ARM to Windows Server Can Change the World in Personal Computing

Now it’s happening for real! Very soon we will be able to see servers based on ARM architecture. All the credits go to Microsoft Partners Qualcomm. Soon there will be...

Notebook 9

Meet the New Lightest 13-inch Laptop: Samsung Notebook 9

Finally, after a long time, Samsung is coming back with two good laptops this year. Yesterday, we reported about Samsung’s first ever gaming laptop. Today, they have...


Samsung unveils its first gaming notebook

Say its Acer, Dell and others, CES 2017 is a hit. We have seen several gaming laptops from several known brands. But one more brand is making its debut in gaming laptops. This is...


Acer launches budget friendly Aspire C series

Today, Acer has launched it’s all new budget-friendly desktop PCs, Aspire C Series! These all C series are All-in-One PCs. There will be 2 models currently available. One is...

macOS Seirra

Everything You Need to Know about MacOS Sierra Public Beta

Downloading and using the latest version OS is fun right? But the fun gets even better when you can try new features before most of the people. Am I not correct? And to do so you...