December 17, 2017
The Eye Tribe

The Eye Tribe – Experience the Power of Eye into Virtual Reality

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The Eye Tribe  : An Idea for Life has changing the face of technology


The close relation between mankind and technology took us here to think about of controlling devices with our senses. Just before the Launch of Galaxy S8 with a much awaited new feature of IRIS scanner and the recent development in interacting with mobile devices through eye gestures and even playing games with the moves of your retina, encouraged us to grab some information about the companies behind these new possibilities and coming technology more closer to life. The Eye tribe is one of those companies who started their project on this life changing Idea.


Eye Tribe


The four members Sune Alstrup john, Javier San Agustin, Martin Tall and Henrik Skovsgaard have started a company in 2011 with the name Senseye later renamed as “The Eye Tribe” and started a project for developing eye tracking for hand-held devices. On 29 December 2016, this company started the eye tracking technology in Virtual Reality gaming.

A Futuristic Innovation

Less power, more work:

Eye Tribe discovered small eye tracker device in the world which is in at 20 x 1.9 x 1.9 cm. It is a portable device and requires very less power source. This device uses a USB 3.0 connection which allows you to connect with most computer and tablets. It is more compatible with Microsoft windows 7 or the newer type of Operating System.

Eye Tracking


The third eye:

Eye track device consists of a camera and a high-resolution infrared LED. It can be easily set up in a cell phone or mobile device. The camera present in this device is used to capture the movement of user’s eyes. The algorithms are also called ‘on-screen gaze coordinates” which determine the user looking area. This device supports the screen which is in size of twenty-four inches.


Superficial eye power:

Superficial eye power is used in smartphones, tablets, and computers that will contain eye tribe’s software. The new technology can control household items and some other devices. It is now used in Fruit Ninja, a game application on most smartphones. Instead of touching screen, the pupil movement slashes the fruits on the screen. It is used to read information on the web by simply moving their eye over the screen. It is also used to pause, play and rewind videos instead using your hands.


Future enhancements:

The Eye track company working for using this technique on android systems. The developers in this technique who working to support in c, c++ and java programming platforms. Its main goal is to be used in household items and common feature for most devices.

Presently the Oculus VR (owned by Facebook) is the parent company who acquired Eye Tribe  last year with all of the employees and assets. Although the idea started with small startups now taking shape with the help of big tech giants like Oculus VR.


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