November 22, 2017
Absolute Water


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                                     No water, No life, No blue, No green.

                                                                                                             – Sylvia Earle

Indisputably, Water is the prime source of our lives. Even Studies have told us that our human body is made of 70% of water,so it’s proven that we cannot live without it. But present circumstances about water, is really alarming. With ever-increasing growth of our nation, the population has increased too, which have even made water scariest resource of our life. The sudden augmentation of industrialization has also made the water unfit to drink by several means. Even WHO has formed the estimation which shows that every day 97 million Indians don’t get the access to safe water today. As per 2011 census, India possesses only One thousand cubic meters of water for one person, and these records are calculated keeping the higher estimate. Water is the driving force of all nature, which needs to be preserved and utilized in the ideal manner, so that we never run out of healthy water. And now there is someone else dedicating their miraculous ability to help the public at large in accessing the high quality of water. This story is about a water purifier company, which is leveraging every bit of them for enhancing the quality of everyone’s life through their miraculous technology. Let’s know their story.


Absolute Water- A blessing for high-quality water

Absolute water is a division of Chemical System Technologies, a company with 30 years of remarkable experience in proffering specialized ways for Sugar industry, through special process chemicals and diverse process technologies for Sugar manufacturing. Absolute water is an integrated CleanTech company that proffers turnkey solutions for transforming waste into one of the most valued resources to mankind- Clean purified water. With more than 30 years of exceptional experience in Tech enlargement & operation, Absolute Water brings Design – Build – Operate models of complete water recovery systems

The Main thing about absolute water is that they can treat any type of water irrespective of the source or containment level, and bring out the matchless form of clean water, together with 100% drinkable water.


Revolutionary Water Development technology

Absolute Water, a prime division of Indo American Chemicals, has effectively finished installation of Toilet-to-tap’ waste water treatment plant for Delhi government. As per the revolutionary technology, generated by the Company, more than 80% of raw sewage water, taken through the ideal procedure, can be transformed into safe drinking water. This technology was inaugurated on July 9 by Arvind Kejriwal at keshopur in Delhi; this plant is only one of its own kind, but also an effective plant with the production of 100,000 liters of clean drinking water every day.

Mr. Arvind Kejrival concluded this plant as the unsurpassed solutions for water and sanitation problems in Delhi.

When asked about the specialty of this latest technology of Absolute Water, Mr. Singhal, president, Indo American Chemicals said, ““Our system will go a long way in alleviating the sewage treatment problems for not just Delhi, but the same model can be imitated all over the country. The treated water can be used for recycling, thereby augmenting the dwindling water supply. Similar processing and recycling of water is being carried out in Singapore and Australia among other countries and it is perfectly safe”

With four key verticals of waste-to-water, Mobile water ATM, Oil and Grease Traps, Bio-gas, Absolute Water is the best water purifier company in the nation.


Hope for the Future

Bill Gates, the renowned personality has recently launched the project for creation of such an exclusive machine which will transform poo into water, But Absolute water has already created it and lucratively proffering their expertise to the Delhi Jal Board, Keshopur. Moreover, they are ceaselessly devoted for the creation for more ways to nurture the utilization of this technology for various cities in India.

Everything Starts with an idea, and when that idea is linked with a social cause, then there is no hurdle in this whole world which can stop that idea from becoming a reality. Absolute Water was based on the same idea, which is now successfully helping people with more clean water in their life.

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