January 21, 2018
make a YouTube channel

How to make a YouTube channel?

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If you want to interact with other YouTubers, leave comments or upload videos of your own you would need a YouTube account. A YouTube account is very easy to generate and you can actually earn through it. Now, having a Google account will not ensure that you have a YouTube channel already. You would have to sign up for it separately. Without a personal account, you would still be able to browse videos or like them, but you need a personal account to upload or comment.

So to make a YouTube channel, first you need to access the internet through a phone or laptop. You could try to do any of the actions which you would generally be allowed to do if you had a channel, they will immediately prompt you about how to open YouTube account your own. You just have to follow the steps involved. You can create one with your Google account and your Google profile image.

Now, if you want to open a business channel where more than one would be accessing, you could do so to. You could need a YouTube account with multiple owners. First sign in through your laptop or phone and then visit the YouTube channel list. You can click on create new channel or you could also use a brand account you have one.

If the brand happens to have an account already owned by you or someone else you would be unable to make an account as they will keep redirecting you to the account that already exists.  For creating a new channel for a brand which does not yet exist, you can click on create new channel. All you need to do now is fill in all the details and verify the account that you create through a verification code. Then click done after you are finished and you have an account. You can add in new people or new managers later on if you wish to.

YouTube happens to be the second largest search engine and it ranks third in the countdown of the most searched website on Google. YouTube could be very beneficial for all those who want to publicize their website or any product they want to increase viewer ratings of. It provides a simple and easy way to upload good quality articles about products and companies. With a billion users signing in to this site every month, this place is surely the best place to attract customers or clients. If the audience likes what you have, they will act as the promoters themselves by using social media to share your products be it music, articles or services!

You could also earn money through this. Top YouTube channels are earning six figures just through videos and uploading them. You could too, you just have to be able to reach your targeted audience and impress them with what you have to show. Get started by creating an account and you can follow up!

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