November 23, 2017
Phone not charging

How to fix the problem of a phone not charging properly?

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The need of smartphones in our everyday life does not require an explanation. So, it is a matter of inconvenience when you see your phone not charging properly. Lately, people from around the world have been searching the Internet for applicable answers to fix their phone charging needs. Here we highlight a few of these problems and offer solutions.

Common problems associated with non-charging phones:

Phone stops charging:

When a phone stops charging, the culprit to blame is the charging cord. Check for any physical damages. If it remains bent too long or put in an inconvenient position, the chances are its internal wiring is mangled. Try connecting the charging cable to another phone or to another port to cross-check. If you find it to be working properly, then the next equipment to test is the charging adapter. Although it is less than normal, if an adapter is broken along the body due to cracks, or if the steel connectors are fractured, then you must consider replacing it with a new one. Using a fault adapter can harm your phone in a very bad way.

Phone not charging:

Another problem linked to a ‘phone not charging’ even when plugged in may not entirely be a phone handset-related issue. The problem could be associated with the battery. If you have a removable battery, remove it from the phone and check to see if it is leaking any fluid. Try cleaning it with a dry paper towel and also clean the backside of the phone where you place the battery. Sometimes, dust percolates through tiny openings prevent it from charging.

Phone not charging when turned on:

If a ‘Phone not charging when turned on,’ this can happen when your phone has had a recent OS update. These problems are mitigated with a bug fix also rolled out by the phone manufacturer but in case you cannot try contacting the technical support and search through the online forums for an answer.

Phone not charging even with the new battery:

When a ‘Phone not charging even with the new battery,’ it can happen when the battery model is not compatible with phone handset’s hardware. There are specific restrictions on each model produced so you must check the technical specification sheet supplied with the phone. If the battery is not the problem, then it must be your handset. You have two options following this- either have the handset repaired by the manufacturer (if it is still under warranty) or exchange the phone for a new one. The latter would be an expensive option, obviously, but it is no use spending a lot of money getting it repaired from a private vendor, either.

Phone not charging and overheating:

If a ‘Phone not charging and overheating,’ send it for an immediate repair. Overheating phones are harmful if you keep them on the person. It is better to get them checked out or ask for a replacement from the vendor who sold it to you.

Phone not charging but says it is:

Lastly, ‘Phone not charging but says it is.’ It happens when there is a bug installed. Try uninstalling some of the recently installed apps, especially unsupported by Google Play Store if you are using Android, or run a diagnostic to see which of the apps are causing this trouble. Some of the APK’s available for Android OS contain malware, which affects the phone’s root directory and cause this nuisance.

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