November 22, 2017

Are You A Real Entrepreneur Or Just Acting As One?

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Entrepreneurship” this word has created an irreplaceable space in the mind of today’s generation. The lunatic craze of entrepreneurship is madly riding folk’s minds in such a manner that every next person has started juggling his own merry dreams of flourishing entrepreneurship. Undeniably, many of us do think us as an entrepreneur, but the realities about true entrepreneurs are far more protected. What truly is an entrepreneur? And what does it really take to create and make the idea successful? These are some imperative questions that one should really need to ask before going out to the world and embarking their startup.

Reasons for the blooming Entrepreneurship Madness:

Before giving any further answer about entrepreneurship, here we are proffering the list of flimsy myths, which are driving countless people in the realm of entrepreneurship. Read them cautiously.

  • The only thing you need to be successful in your startup is a groundbreaking idea.
  • If you initiate your own startup, neither you have to give your gigantic efforts, or work for long tiring hours.
  • There will be no boss on your head, if you create and run your own business.
  • You are a business owner, and the only thing you got to do is related to your passion or your area of interest.
  • Being an entrepreneur will give you the power to deduct all your expenses, and the hassle of paying taxes will be long gone.

So, if you are the one embarking his/her own venture with these mentioned fallacies in your mind, Beware. As entrepreneurship is not what it looks like from above, instead it’s a crazy roller coaster ride, which usually takes everything one’s got in them. For being a true entrepreneur, you will need an ideal blend of unwavering passion, lunacy, perseverance and ceaseless patience to make your idea thrive among masses. It’s a mind-boggling journey, that is entirely depends upon the people and the market. If you want to be an entrepreneur, learn to question things, learn to make mistakes and learn to take lessons from them, and always remember that in entrepreneurship, you don’t get to work on your area of interest, but you have to be the jack of all trades for being successful.

From outside, the life of an entrepreneur seems far beyond perfect, but one must realize that without necessary traits like unwavering passion, madness, conviction, any entrepreneurship is nothing more than a dreadful nightmare.




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