November 23, 2017
flash crashing google chrome

How to stop Flash crashing Google Chrome on Android and PC?

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Shockwave Flash was brought by the world renowned company Adobe, who was responsible for providing graphical support to the Google’s advent, Chrome browser. For a very long time, users all over the world have experienced flash crashing Google Chrome constantly, with no appropriate fix.

A brief talk about Shockwave Flash:

For years at length, the Flash software supported all graphical interface on the user’s systems. Most video files ran on Flash, that is until HTML5 came into effect. Now, Google suggests that all websites make a switch from the older Flash to HTML5 and it also keeps Flash disabled by default. If you ever stumble across a website that is not yet equipped to run on HTML5, you may enable the flash on a temporary basis or add it as an exception in the settings.

Apparently, not all websites have caught on to using HTML5 so far, so all Chrome users need to manually enable it every time they need to use Flash. Flash software, although being a huge graphics loader, is known for its lack of security and opens a computer system to vulnerabilities, such as malware, spyware, and trojan viruses.

It is still used today on the back-end, for running analytic which is a primary cause for website’s slowed experience. If you are using a phone, then it may also drain your battery in addition to raking up your data usage.

However, the flash crash Chrome fix is more of an Android problem, since the browser is native to the Android OS. Its counterpart, the iPhone iOS does not support flash at all (& never has), which was the point of concern and frustration for several iPhone users worldwide, but with the inclusion of HTML5, this problem is now fixed for good.

How to Stop Shockwave Flash crash in Chrome fix in 2017?

The latest version of Google Chrome has a built-in Flash Player. This means, updating the Chrome Browser auto-updates the Flash as well.

In the past, you had to disable extra Flash plugins you downloaded from the Chrome web store or from third-party sources which were highly unreliable. The latest version of Chrome contains a single Flash plugin. As far as Adobe is concerned, the older versions of Chrome had a bug that “significantly impacted Flash performance,” which is now fixed. Obviously, this is just one organization shifting the blame onto another.

The statements made by either firm do not address the concerns of users still facing a dilemma as to what they should do with flash crashing in Chrome? Here’s the easy fix.

Check if your Chrome is updated to the latest version. If you are on a PC, Mac or Linux, you should see a tiny green mark on the top right side, along with the three vertical dots. If you are using an Android phone, you should be able to update them automatically since it is a native Android app.

On a PC (or Mac or Linux), head over to the top-right corner and click Help & then About Google Chrome. When a new tab opens, the Chrome browser will check for updates and begin downloading automatically. Once this is accomplished, you need to Relaunch Chrome, which will complete the update. The whole process takes just a few minutes.

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Disable Extensions.

If you still experience Flash crashes in Chrome browser, disable any third-party extensions you have installed. Sometimes, it is the extensions that cause a Shockwave Flash to crash inadvertently. Try loading the page that uses Flash, once again. If the previous step did not work, try updating your device drivers.

Update your Device Drivers.

This step will only be possible for PC, Mac or Linux. Although everything is auto updated these days unless you are still using Windows XP, in which case you need to download specific graphic card drivers for your PC or laptop. Bear in mind, not all contents using the Flash are equally efficient, so if it results in poor performance it is not your fault but the content providers.

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