Tel Aviv based AdTech startup PLYmedia raised USD 2M from Flint Capital


Tel Aviv is Israel’s starup city and is home for about 1000+ startups. PLY Media is a Tel Aviv’s based AdTech startup founded way back in 2006.

PLYmedia is ad-tech company dedicated to developing the world’s leading performance-based ad exchange for ad networks.

It is pioneering with its 2 products:

a) PLYExchange-that enables ad networks to access and share high-value supply and demand of Ads to maximize revenue and results.

b) Adk2-is white label ad exchange platform, optimized for performance advertising.

With these 2 products they are competing with established players like DoubleClick and OpenX in the long tail publisher market.

Publisher Ad network is worth 6B $ market, which they are trying to capture the most possbile.

Website: PLYMedia

Founder: Ben Enosh, Avishay Raviv, David Markowitz, Yoav Kirmayer

Founded: 2006

Location: Tel Aviv-Israel

Total Funding: USD 7.7 Million