IDC India introduces Pricing Advisory Services “PricePulse” for Tech Buyers

 International Data Corporation (IDC) India has announced the launch of a specialized service named “PricePulse” aimed at optimizing the entire procurement process...

Nuance Focuses On The Indian Market

With conversational AI and the Internet of Things, Nuance focuses on the Indian market

Press Release: Nuance Communications – the pioneer and leader in conversational and cognitive AI innovations – is evolving into a supplier of domain-specific virtual...

business loan

How to get a business loan for your startup?

Out of the many troubles that a startup has to face, the major one is to get a business loan. Most of the entrepreneurs who are just starting with the business idea always have a...

goals planner

How will goals planner strategic planning help you achieving goals?

One major factor which most of the businesses ignore while struggling to achieve their goals is strategic planning. The experienced goals planner understands that to achieve their...


HuffPost Appoints Aman Sethi as India Editor-In-Chief

HuffPost today announced the appointment of Aman Sethi as Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost India. Aman will be responsible for all editorial output on HuffPost India and oversee the...


Vodafone and Mango make Digital Fitting Rooms a reality

Press Release: Vodafone announced today that it is working with Mango, the global high street fashion retailer, on a new programme to rollout digital fitting rooms to the...

small business marketing

7 smart ideas for small business marketing

You have a great business idea. You have implemented the same very well but are that worth for letting the people know about it? No. Certainly, you need some great innovative...


This startup will completely alter the way you interact with your personal chauffeurs and hotel valets

An app that will enable you to communicate with the people temporarily in charge of your car at the simple click of a button. That Night’s Story The story behind this emerging...

Fundraising Ideas

Creative fundraising ideas for your startup

Fundraising Ideas for your Startup Being an entrepreneur one of the toughest tasks that one has to deal with is raising funds for their startup. They might have millions of ideas...

e-commerce business

5 reasons to start own e-commerce business in 2018

The buying and selling of products and services through the online means or Internet are growing tremendously and this offers a great fact to all those who want to start their own...