November 24, 2017



Phonesoap 2.0 phone sanitizer

Phonesoap 2.0 Living in an era where one cannot imagine their life without their dearest mobile phones. Do we ever wonder about its cleanliness? All of us have pondered upon the...


Lenovo launches its multiple-user range of Tab 4 series in India

The versatile android tablets are engineered for multiple users with distinctive needs; perfect for families The new range comes in two sizes and four different variants and...


Airtel Payments Bank launches UPI enabled digital payments

First payments bank in India to integrate UPI on its payments platform, adding to customer choice and convenience for making digital payments and instant money transfers over...

National Agripreneurs Summit 2017

EAI – National Agripreneurs Summit 2017 (Press Release)

National Agripreneurs Summit 2017 Entrepreneurs Association of India (EAI) is a not for profit organization working at district level to create entrepreneurs and startups and...

Increase Blog Traffic

5 Best Tactics To Increase Your Blog Traffic

As we all know content is king, and it is proven, but it is also a big truth that your king will have no value if you have no visitors on your blog. This is also one of the...

make a YouTube channel

How to make a YouTube channel?

If you want to interact with other YouTubers, leave comments or upload videos of your own you would need a YouTube account. A YouTube account is very easy to generate and you can...

5 best startups in Goa

5 Best Startups in Goa as of 2017

Goa is not only about what you think like a party and tourism hub and that is what some young and talented bunch of entrepreneurs are working to change the perception. They are...

Axis bank acquires FreeCharge

Axis Bank Acquires FreeCharge for INR 385 Crore

Axis bank which is known as, India’s 3rd largest private sector bank has today announced that they have entered into an agreement with Jasper Infotech Private Limited....

Travel Abroad

Things You Need To Do Before Any Travel Abroad

If you wish to have a memorizing experience of travel abroad, you must plan it well in advance. Good travel exposure is the part of good travel planning. Although it applies to...


How to move not just photos, files, and music but apps to SD card on Android?

Most Android phones are blessed with an external storage option. Flagship phones tend to have a 128GB or even 256GB expandable capacities, while the cheaper versions have only...

block ads, android phone

How to block ads on Android phone?

Advertisements today can cause a potential damage to any computing system. A myriad of devices can come under the spell of ads no matter how much safety you assume. Today ads are...

flash crashing google chrome

How to stop Flash crashing Google Chrome on Android and PC?

Shockwave Flash was brought by the world renowned company Adobe, who was responsible for providing graphical support to the Google’s advent, Chrome browser. For a very long...

Phone not charging

How to fix the problem of a phone not charging properly?

The need of smartphones in our everyday life does not require an explanation. So, it is a matter of inconvenience when you see your phone not charging properly. Lately, people...


3 Essential And Effective Manners To Convey Trust To Your Network Of Contacts As A Young Entrepreneur

The challenges of becoming a young entrepreneur go beyond than simply make your idea valuable in the market. Business management, in most cases, requires much study, analysis,...


8 Aspects That Differentiate The Extremely Successful People From The Successful Ones.

It is an undeniable fact that successful people are hard workers. However, you should not mistake them with the smart working extremely successful ones. Some people are a lot more...