WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram merger – what’s in it for you?


Technology is running at a very fast pace. It was only in the 19th century that we got telephone communication. Soon there was a global connection that was built, and there was the opportunity to connect to the entire world. From one to one phone connection, data now flew around the world. But now it seems that collaboration between these connectivity apps are taking place. It seems that by the year 2020, Mark Zuckerberg has promised a merger of these applications. For so long now, WhatsApp was bought up by Facebook, but then there were no messages that could be exchanged from WhatsApp to Facebook and vice versa.

The deal flips soon:

From 2020, we can expect a major merger of these three apps. It seems there is going to be a fast application that combines the usage of these three put together. But there must be a kind of catch somewhere – much like the data stealing that happened. There must be some altruistic motive that is playing truant here. The question being what?

The public name of Facebook has taken quite the toll with respect to the Cambridge Analytics scandal, where huge bulks of data was utilized by a political consultancy firm in attempt to win elections. Others have also now discovered Facebook’s great master plan to steal data and use it in commercial business. There has been of late no positive news in the favour of Facebook, including a lot of complaints related to game subscriptions and subsequent lawsuits.

The business might be in bonkers, but Zuckerberg in attempt to protect the image of Facebook says that this is the only free application that promotes connectivity, and helps small businesses generate jobs, gain more popularity. While this is true that maximum digital marketing is dependent on platforms like Facebook, we cannot ignore the data privacy scandals. Given that there be a merger, more data may start leaking off.

The Zuckerberg united world:

Well the move might be Zuckerberg’s dream, but clearly it seems that it is a scary project. The employees of Instagram and WhatsApp aren’t happy at all. This will give unlimited power to the one-man army, giving him complete controls of the digital regimes. It seems Zuckerberg doesn’t keep up to his promises. When he bought WhatsApp, he had promised that he would keep to the no advertisement policies as asked by the previous owners. But he immediately announced advertisements for WhatsApp, saying that he needed to extract the losses. In response all the owners have left the company completely.

This is a major trap for all consumers as they will be forever stuck to WhatsApp and Facebook, and Instagram, as these will be able to continue messages within each other. But of course the moral and technical glitches come up.

WhatsApp has end to end encryption, but then Facebook doesn’t. A merger would mean breach of the encryption. Instagram and WhatsApp are applications that don’t need your real name, but Facebook does require that. There are so many issues that the merger raises, which cannot be resolved. Only the users get to decide if this is even close to legal.