5 Best Email Marketing Apps of 2018

5 Best Email Marketing Apps of 2018

Email marketing is one of the most popular and crucial trends in the marketing sector. The right and accurate use of relevant email marketing app can bring in the best business outcomes. With the changing time, the business world has also seen some of the best email marketing apps that bring in the maximum benefits.

These are the top 5 email marketing apps that are ruling the market in 2018:

MailChimp: Due to its interactive interface and auto-response feature, MailChimp is one of the well-known email marketing apps available. it integrates very easily with the top platforms like Magento, WordPress, etc. which offers the best features to the users. You just need this one app to get all the simplified solutions for managing your email account needs.

Constant Contact: This is one of the best apps for the beginners. It gives an easy way out for the beginners as well as the professionals to manage their list, contacts, templates and other details of the email account. Along with these essential operations, you also get the options of tracking and reporting the various activities of the apps.

Drip: This email marketing app is mostly used by the bloggers or e-commerce people. This app lets the bloggers add up their website to the various other popular websites. Along with the number of cool features, it allows the users to group their requirements and get the desired results.

ActiveCampaign: If you are looking for an app which can combine email automation along with the best features of CRM and sales, then this is the app that you must have. With an easy and simple login and usage, this app is nothing less than a true companion for the marketers. It also observes the location, actions, behavior and social actions of your contact list.

GetResponse: Create some awesome and popular campaigns that the entire marketing world will remember with this amazing app of GetResponse. With its simplicity to use and focus on detailed designing, it gets easy for the beginners to try their hands on it. It combines all the needed features for having successful email marketing like tracking, testing, auto-responding, etc.

These were the top 5 email marketing apps selected for you, you may find more apps in app store based on your usability.