Holiday discovery startup Holidify gets funding

Funding Story

Planning vacations in the 21st century requires extensive use of websites, and online resources in general. However, a very many travel websites offer information only on oft-visited places. Delhi-based holiday discovery platform Holidify seeks to make a difference in this regard, by making possible a wide variety of vacations, depending on the tourist’s mood.

Funding news and features
Founded in 2014 by Kovid Kapoor and Rohit Shroff , Holidify recently succeeded in raising angel funding to the tune of $100,000 from a number of investors led by the Promoter of chemicals company Aarti Group. Holidify plans to use these funds to expand the site’s content.
Holidify helps travelers to plan trips to their dream destinations, right from the very first stage, i.e. deciding upon the location. By organizing the list of holidaying locations on a regional basis, Holidify removes bias, enabling travelers to check out places which are located far off the beaten track. Holidify also provides travel advice to tourists, suggesting the ideal duration of stay, the best time to visit, which hotels to book at the various locations, among others. Updated maps are provided for each location. Overall, navigating the site is very easy, and the presence of all the relevant information regarding each destination at one location enhances convenience and ease of use.

How it has grown
Holidify’s Android app was launched in June 2015 and has already seen over 10,000 downloads. Thus, travel planning is now possible with a touch or two of a smartphone’s touchscreen. With over 800 holiday ideas being hosted currently, and with 5 lakh visitors turning up at the site each month, Holidify has come a long way from its struggle-ridden inception, which was marked by a lack of funds, and difficulty in getting fresh talent on board.

PS’s take
Holidify’s future is extremely bright, and so is that of travel planning in India. The presentation of relevant content in 1 location allows for the effortless planning of trips to a wide range of places, and enables tourists to personalize their vacations. Holidify has revolutionized travel planning in India.

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