Mobile tech startup Pokkt secures funding


Funding Story

Monetizing various mobile-related products, such as apps(especially games), and advertisement products is the dream of many an app developer and mobile marketer. Pokkt is one of the foremost startups in allowing for the monetization of such products. The startup has raised close to $5 million from existing and new investors recently, including Segnel Venture PTE LTD, Shinji Kimura and Sundar Chanrai. The raised funding is expected to be used for the technological upgradation of its products, besides aggressive marketing. Pokkt was founded in October 2012 by Rohit Sharma, Vaibhav Odhekar and Manish Tewari.

Pokkt’s products

Pokkt itself claims to be an Alternate Mobile Monetization Platform, which allows for the monetization of mobile goods and services via an advertiser-funded model. It offers a vast array of hugely effective products which are aimed at benefiting app developers and advertisers. Its four major offerings are Connect, Play, Money and Prime, with Connect and Play being its foremost products. Play is a video ads platform, which allows for the optimization of mobile video ad campaigns, enabling for the best results as regarding Lead Generation, Registration or brand promotion. Pokkt’s products are also geared towards benefiting video and game app developers who provide SDK’s(Software Development Kits), ensuring a significant boost to their revenues by offering seamless plug-n-play integration across WAP, Android and iOS.
Pokkt has a highly dedicated 70-member team, who are based across its offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta,Vietnam and Malaysia. The 20-member strong Pokkt Labs works night and day to develop the best products.

Looking ahead

Pokkt’s excellent SDK’s are being used by over 150 game developers worldwide, and it counts the likes of Octro, Rovio Games, Reliance Games and others among its clients. With fresh funding giving a big boost to the team’s motivation, Pokkt’s products will continue to be a big boost to app developers and mobile marketers in the years to come.

Visit Pokkt’s site here for more information.