SDK Developer GetFocus raises funding


Funding story

Tech startup GetFocus, which has been leading the way in analytics and navigational tech solutions in India, recently got a significant boost by managing to raise funding from strategic investors from banking, telecom and logistics sectors. GetFocus was founded in September 2014 by Prateek Chaturvedi, Manoj Gudi and Aditya Misra. The startup seeks to use the amount raised to scale up aggressively, and expand its international presence, spanning India and the Middle East.

About GetFocus’s services

GetFocus currently exists as an SDK which can be used by app developers to integrate value-added locational services. The navigational and analytics tech which GetFocus uses allows existing WiFi infra to identify the location of mobile phones at various locations. Such info can in turn be sent to the app developer to provide value-added services, such as send notifications or provide hyperlocal services.
GetFocus’s tech has significant advantages—its is remarkably battery efficient, besides being extremely cost-effective. No external hardware is used, and the SDK tech makes complete use of data from phone sensors. In order to appeal to app developers, GetFocus has also emphasized the ease of integration—it takes only 45 minutes for the integration process to occur. Their extremely talented team makes use of the diverse skills of missile navigation specialists(!!!), hardware hackers and bankers.

Recent success, and the future

GetFocus has already tasted a significant amount of success, with over 20 major apps in India and the ME already making use of their tech. Clients include offline coupon payers, real estate dealers, hyperlocal discovery apps and restaurant aggregators, to name a few.
The startup expects its tech to make its presence felt on as many as 15 million unique phones within the next 6 months. The raised funding is also likely to help them in this regard, with further plans in the pipeline to expand to South East Asia, and is thus poised to become a prime force in the contextual marketing segment.

For more info, visit the GetFocus here.