Goyano : An entertainment discovery platform which brings together restaurateurs and users


The rise of entertainment discovery startups

Entertainment discovery startups have become an extremely attractive option for leisure seekers nowadays. Leisure seekers who seek to unwind after a hard day’s work now want to discover various attractive entertainment options through the use of their fingers, instead of having to make numerous calls to various bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Goyano, an app launched by Gaurav Singh and Nitin Sharma seeks to make entertainment discovery an easy process by bringing restaurant owners, DJs, musicians, dancers and entertainers under one roof.

What is Goyano?

Goyano emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. In addition to easily discoverable restaurants and pubs, the app contains extensive reviews of the services of these enterprises. Exciting blogs which spur users on to discover various aspects of nightlife as well as profiles of artistes can also be checked out using the app. The Gurgaon-based startup also ensures that the various offerings are hyperlocalised to ensure ease of discovery for the user. Users can even post queries pertaining to seat availability and crowdedness, and receive relevant answers.
Goyano also creates a de-facto community using social media profiles of various users, which can aid others in the process of entertainment discovery. Thus the app disrupts the online marketing procedures which are used by restaurants and bars to reach out to users. Gaurav and Nitin realized that even most online leisure discovery apps weren’t proving to be reliable marketing channels, and they weren’t promoting personalized choices either.

The greater picture

The entertainment discovery segment’s boom has seen the creation of many curated apps which aim to allow users to discover the best possible experiences easily. Goyano’s creation of a single ecosystem by bringing together events and food discovery options under one social platform is certain to revolutionise the entire process of event discovery.

The Goyano app can be downloaded here. Also, their website can be visited for more info.



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