Social networking startup Hubhopper raises funding


Funding story

Social networking continues to remain the focal point of many a netizen’s cyber life. However, with many of the traditional social networking sites having declined, new and exciting ones are leaping up to fill the void. One such social networking startup is Delhi-based Hubhopper, which recently succeeded in raising an undisclosed amount of funding. The raised funding is likely to be used for general expansion, for the integration of value-added content, and for enhancing the user base.

What is Hubhopper?

Hubhopper seeks to give a unique social internet experience to users-their claim is that the website is the happiest place on the web. Hubhopper seeks to create a unique, adaptive feed which allows users to discover their loves, customize social networking content and interact with people who have similar interests. Hubhopper’s USP is its intuitive handling of content which is geared towards allowing users to have the best possible time online. It gives users the option to customize their feeds, thus eliminating the disadvantages which more traditional social networking sites possess, with the lack of customizability often proving to be a spoilsport.
According to founder and CEO Gautam Raj Anand, the startup seeks to expand beyond India in the near future. This would be in keeping with the general globalised nature of the social networking world. Gautam and Uday Raj Anand, both alumni of IIT and Oxford, always desired to set up a social networking venture which would cater to the user’s interests at any time, no matter what his mood would be.  A heavy dose of music and film-related content makes it a must-be place for entertainment junkies.

Future prospects

Since its launch in April, the startup has expanded phenomenally and looks set to be India’s own facebook, With India and Singapore-based investers expressing their desire to back this venture, HubHopper appears to have a very bright future indeed.

Visit the website to start your own fun-filled journey!!!