Image curation platform SIFTR raises funding


Funding story

Image curation platform SIFTR Labs recently succeeded in raising a significant amount of investment-to the tune of $150,000 from Mumbai-based Venture Catalysts. SIFTR is a platform which curates digital images using machine learning. Other participants at this round included angel investors Vishal Maheshwari, Vikas Kapoor, Daud Ali and Nitin Agarwal.

About Siftr

The Romi Mittal-led startup currently witnesses over a billion photos being uploaded everyday. Naturally, a step-up in technology being used is needed, and the raised funding is likely to be a significant step forward in this regard. Siftr considers itself to be the world’s first zero-maintenance, self-updating website, which continuously analyzes all photos online using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to find best shots. The chief aim of SIFTR Labs is to assist photographers in curating individual digital content photography platforms. The platform also provides beautiful layouts for great photos, ensuring excellent minimalism which allows users to bring the most to the table for their clients.


Personalisation is also ensured, and Siftr has an extremely forward-looking mindset which emphasizes the use of GPUs and machine learning. This is basically what the future of the tennis consists of. The platform’s excellent search algorithms allow users to find photos, no matter where they are on the web.
The testimonials of various users point to the platform’s overall excellence. The platform thus looks set to lead the next generation of photographer website creators on towards a brighter future.

For  more info, visit the platform’s website.