Not just another Member to Messenger Family- MIKE


Mike Messenger is another entry in the messenger segment where Whatsapp holds the most customer base. Although several other messengers such as Hike, We chat, Telegram etc. tried to compete but couldn’t reach that level, although new options such as stickers, shake, username search respectively were introduced. Now, what does fate holds for the new member?

Mike LogoAlthough the member is new but it’s full-fledged pack of services brought onto a single platform. Pranay Jain, the founder said, “ MIKE will revolutionize the field of messaging through built-in AI system in the app.” The app works with Natural Language Processing, which is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence which let you quickly set appointments, reminders; make reservations at restaurants; book tickets to movies, flights; create tasks and contacts; book cabs & hotels; send information or an address and a lot more without you needing to switch applications or perform a separate google search or even open a calendar. It gives you information where you need it when you need it. Ravina Mutha, the co-founder said, “Mike understands your needs and is available with probable actions at your beck and call.” She added, “In the second release Mike will allow you to delay send messages, recall chat, have social polling within groups and even send secret messages.”

Mike- The Integrated App
Mike Messenger your companion in your need

The team with almost 10 years of experience focuses on creating the smartest messenger which learns through its users. The idea started with a thought of automating the messages as a number of crucial messages go unnoticed and not responded to. We almost do every discussion on the messenger why not fix the problem of switching apps again & again. MIKE allows you to use several apps without installing them on your device. Thus saving the space and convenience of having multiple apps. The app is in Beta stage & will be launched on 15th March 2016 & will be compatible with both android and ios devices. The company can launch the WEB version too.

The company works on Commission type Revenue model from its business partners like the few Book my show, Zomato, Dineout, Uber, Amazon which pays on the sales from the Mike platform. The company has received an angel round so far and discussions have been initialised with India’s largest VC’s.

The company looks forward to creating the most advanced messenger with machine learning tool which appears simple and convenient for the users but to crunch large sets of data and create a Machine learning algorithm at the back end is a complicated task. The company wants MIKE to be compatible with regional languages of India like Punjabi, Gujrati, Marathi etc.

It is noteworthy that Pranay created land data aggregation software at the age of 14 and created hook between excel and a Bloomberg terminal to find the probability of investment for calls and puts later. He also created a website with his current co-founder  Ravina aggregating prices of used textbooks to reduce the cost of purchase of books by 30-45% for students. Whereas Ravina worked in a Weight management center called WTF (Where’s the Fat) in Pune.

Here’s what founder’s has to say about it:

Whatsoever we say the MIKE appears a promising messenger  as the founders have said. If it fulfills the promises then it can stay forever otherwise, it won’t be long when it will be gone.

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