International Yoga Day Celebrated Today


The entire world has joined hands and was seen celebrating yoga day today. 21st June has been internationally recognized as the international yoga day and has given rise to a new wave.

Yoga is a precious gift

Yoga has been considered as a precious gift to the mankind. This is so because it is the most relevant and necessary part of one’s life. It is not learning just about the asana that we perform, but it is how we change the negativity of our life to a positive one. Yoga has been a major part that has turned a human being into the most responsible man. It has not only made a positive change in one’s lifestyle but has created a better society. Yoga unites the mind and body which helps all this happen.

International Yoga Day

Benefits of Yoga

  • Not just physically as you might think, but yoga keeps a person mentally as well as emotionally fit too.
  • It is a path towards creative and innovations to work.
  • The major impact one might have upon doing yoga is releasing of stress. Yoga has been a stress buster our body and mind.
  • Yoga betters the flow of blood in one’s mind and body. The better flow of blood energizes a person and enables to work better.
  • Yoga has healthy relationships.
  • The positivity in one’s mind, releasing of stress, better flow of blood, etc. everything to the end ensures a healthy life to a person. Thus, we can say, yoga maintains healthy relationships with us.

International Yoga Day

Looking at such great benefits of yoga, the world is seen to be more connecting to the top yoga foundations. Many foundations such as the art of living, Baba Ramdev, etc. have seen to make aware of the positivity of yoga on this day. The 21st June of this year was celebrated with a great joy and enthusiasm by the entire world.