Hashtag and GadgetWood are afloating with Angel and VC funding


So in today’s first roundup of STARTUP FUNDING, we have two stories. Both startups are doing absolutely fine in their fields and focused towards making our lives a bit easier by resolving a Real World issue.  startup-kyaf-621x414livemint

First of all, we have “Hashtag”- a mobile app development platform which was angel funded for $1 million. Hashtag has been planning to expand the workforce from 50 to 100 people. This fund will enable them to go for better quality of products and operation expansions worldwide. Firm has been partner in apps like Doors, Shouut, Paperboy, FaceChat, Curiocty, and Logoon.

Another story lined up about was an out of the box startup company- “GadgetWood”. It is a platform that has entered highly unorganized service industry. It aims to provide an end to end repair and refurbished services for electronics devices. It has raised $6 million in its series ‘A’ funding round from Carpediem Capital via its private equity fund. Firm claims to repair 10,000+ devices every month. The firm is filling the gap with the provision of a trusted place for the services. It also has “in house” service facility which makes it a lot easier to opt for it, and has been in association with some brands as their authorized service providers.