Nodd App presented Enigmatech 2.0 in Delhi-NCR


An evening session full of real-world problem-solving discussions around building the right core team, leveraging the technology and building a scalable system for a lean startup.

Yes, I am talking about the Enigmatech 2.0 powered by SAP and supported by Sonata Softwares, which was organized by Nodd App in New Delhi on 1st October 2016. It was an engaging and a great session with a blend of people across different domains of the Business and Startup Ecosystem.

A panelist from some of the great minds from the Startup industry joined the event includes, Praveen Sinha-Founder, Ashu Agarwal – BW Accelerator, Divyesh Sharma-Founder, Sonal Minhas-Founder Twigly, Dhananjai Joshi-Cicero, Raghav Arora-Kayako, Arijit Bhattacharjee-CIO ITC Hotels, Nakul were there for some great startup lessons and shared their personal experiences.

Enigmatech 2.0
From left: Claus Andersen,Neeraj Singhal,Nakul Kumar, Praveen Sinha and Arijit Bhattacharjee

The event started with an Icebreaker session followed by a Keynote presentation by Avinash Purwar -SAP along with a Panel discussion having Praveen Sinha, Claus Andersen, Arijit Bhattacharjee,Neeraj Singal and Nakul Kumar as members. Sharing personal experiences of running their startups and real problems and challenges faced during raising it to a level, the show was as indeed great hearing some inspirational talks. They discussed on leveraging technology to build a great startup and solve real life problems.

Further on moving ahead to the event, the host presented it very well and involved the participants, panelists, and audience to some very interesting activities.

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The entire audience was split into 6 Team and had 1 member from panelist in each one. One startup was chosen from each table to talk and discuss top 4 area of improvements which could eventually make that startup 10x bigger and better. It was a good to hear different minds talking about different problems and respective solutions by experienced peoples who have really made big in life.

The top on the list, emerged as the winner for having realistic problems and viable suggestions, approaches, and solutions to make it 10x bigger of what it is today. We wish all the very best to Divyesh Sharma.

After the Tea-break, another panel of discussion started with Ashu Agarwal, Divyesh Sharma, Dhananjai Joshi, Sonal Minhas and Raghav Arora (L to R in pics)


Ashu Aggarwal from Business World Accelerator summed up the discussion  by adding that ‘Venture Capitalist can help you scale your business , but one shouldn’t only depend on the VCs , Make your idea work first then to scale your business look for VC funding.

Divyesh Sharma , CEO, and CO-Founder said  ‘Get the right people’ and  ‘Invest in people’ which is his mantra.

Dhananjai Joshi , Senior MD-Cicero told the audience how crucial data plays a role in forming a decision , Cicero which relies heavily on information(data) conducts large-scale sample surveys.

Sonal Minhas from Twilgly who was earlier an investor at Saif Partners quickly answered a question which according to him are the 3 most valuable things needed in a promising startup to grow which are ‘Over-Invest in Tech’, ‘It should be a Real Business’ and  ‘ Smart thought out pitch made to VC to scale your startup.’

Raghav Arora stressed the importance of ‘Talent Scalability’ who is VP Operations at Kayako.

That was really an insight-full session hearing these people talking about building scalable startups, solving real life problems, creating value to the ecosystem and making a dent in the universe. How to overcome the common problems of choosing the right team, to raising funds and many others.