How to get Video Calling in WhatsApp?


As we reported a few days back, video calling feature has been activated in the beta versions of WhatsApp. Currently, this is available in Windows Phone and Android only.  Many of you are interested in trying this new feature. In fact, as WhatsApp has a big user base and most of you want to  easily connect to your friends and family through video calls. As there’s still no update available for the official apps we will hep you get your hands-on the new feature.

Video Calling now Available in WhatsApp
Video Calling now Available in WhatsApp

How to Download Install WhatsApp Beta for Android?

  • Enroll into the WhatsApp beta program from Google Play store. You will get the  ‘join-in option’ at the bottom of the WhatsApp store listing in Google Play.
  • With-in 15-20 minutes you will be able to download the beta app
  • Otherwise, download the .apk file (installer) of WhatsApp beta from here. Now, install it. If the installation is blocked, go to Lock Screen and Security from Settings. Now toggle the switch in unknown sources and re-install the app.
  • Once Installed, open the app and go through the profile setup.
  • Fo Windows Phone users, if you are rolled into the WhatsApp beta program download the app from here.

How to Place Video Calls through WhatsApp?

  • Open the App.
  • Go  to ‘Calls’.
  • Click on the Add call option.
  • Now you will see two option ‘Voice Call’ and ‘Video Call’.
  • Tap on ‘Video Call’.
  • And finally, you are done. The person who you have selected will get a video call from you.

Note: For video calls to work not only you but the person whom you are calling also needs to be on the latest beta version.

There’s still no information on when the feature will be available to all. In conclusion, we can only hope the update will be available to the public version in the coming weeks.