Hyve™ ensures unrivalled security of Pryme™, its Flagship


 Hyve ensures unrivaled security of Pryme™, its Flagship Certified Android Deca-core smartphone

Hyve has ensured the security of private information to all its users.Android users have been in a state of shock and panic after one of the leading publications reported data security breaches on over 700 million android smartphones in the budget category, across the globe. Having recently launched its flagship and first-ever certified Android Deca-core smartphone-Pryme.

The reassurance comes after news of Android phones sharing sensitive user information with Chinese servers of over 700 million users


Nikhil Bhutani Product Head at Hyve Mobility

Reaffirming on the security, Nikhil Bhutani, Product Head at Hyve Mobility said that The news of Android phones compromising the security of the data is worrisome. At Hyve, they never permit any breaches in the security or compromise the data shared by their users. As a standard policy of the brand, they offer Pure Andriod in all of their devices and provide regular security patches and bug fixes of the software through OTA to the customer. Hence, ensure reliable Andriod platform for the customers. They are committed to preserving the ethics of development and safeguard users’ information”

The data breach was discovered by researchers at one of the leading Mobile enterprise security organizations, who observed a hidden backdoor amongst various budget android phones that would stealthily gather user information and share the same with a Chinese server once in every 72 hours, without their knowledge.


Pranav Pandey, Head of Software Development at Hyve Mobility

Adding to the security standards, Pranav Pandey, Head of Software Development at Hyve Mobility said, that Hyve’s devices are completely immune to any security breach. They shall continue to develop user-centric software which passes through lack of tests done on Google’s Compatibility Test Suite, staying true to the ethics and ensuring optimum security for our user’s sensitive information on the devices.


Following the recent launch of Pryme, Hyve became the first Indian brand to introduce a smartphone enabled by MediaTek’s flagship Helio X20 processor for Indian consumers. As a brand, Hyve has taken a great initiative of keeping all its devices on Pure Andriod and ensure all the devices are CTS complaint. Available on Amazon from November 20, the dual-sim 3G/4G smartphone with 32GB internal memory and 4GB RAM, Hyve Pryme is available at INR 17,999. With 13 MP f/2 rear camera, and additional front-flash and fingerprint scanner, it has also been Hyve’s initiative to bring patented technologies to the customers, like Touch2Call™ which have been developed in India by Hyve’s in-house team.

About Hyve Mobility:

Named after the structure that inspired the founders, Hyve has been carefully crafted to harness the power of collective thinking and wield it to everyone’s benefit. Forged by a team of committed doers across all work profiles and experiences, Hyve wants to redefine the way people use their Android devices. This is where you get the pure, uncompromised power of Pure Android housed in phones that marry form and function perfectly. And we back our phones with Hyve Care, India’s most revolutionary service offering.

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