Pixel series gets new phone gestures in new update


Google launched its Pixel series of smartphones in October this year. Starting off this month, Google released November Security patch. But now Canadian users are getting another update. This update is fixing LTE connectivity issue. This also brings new features with it.

The new update is just 261MB in size and is labeled “Security Update + Bug fix”. Reddit users reported that this update fixed SMS and signal issues on different networks. The build number is NPF26J and rolling out to Canadian users like on Telus.


Pixel gets two new features!

With security update, Google also added two new features in their smartphone series. Both features are named as “Double tap to check phone” and “Lift to check phone”.

The first feature lights up the screen showing up the notifications and tapping on the power button will wake the phone. The second feature will allow the user to lift the phone from its resting position to wake the phone.

Some users also reported a smoother hectic feedback and softness in night mode color.

Alongside the Bluetooth issues, users also reported connectivity issues, especially while connecting to LTE Band 4 frequency.

With this update, this issue is reported to be fixed. However, Bluetooth connectivity issues still exist, according to some users.

dropping quick light to both the Pixel phones, Pixel comes with a 5-inch FHD display and its big brother with 5.5-inch QHD display. Both devices come with Google Assistant. Both the devices are priced at 57,000INR and 67,000 INR. Flipkart is also offering an exchange discount of up to Rs. 26,000 on the phones on the purchase.