Restore/reinstall OS on a Samsung device with Smart Switch

Most of the people reading this post are either a sufferer from a reboot loop on their Galaxy devices. Maybe some of them will be a geek or a sufferer of the after-effect of rooting! No! I’m not saying that rooting is a risk, well there is. If did in a wrong way can brick your device till eternity. So here Samsung is to your rescue! Other than Kies, Samsung also launched a very simple, easy-to-use tool, known as Smart Switch to recover the devices those launched after Galaxy S6.

The tool is available for both Windows and Mac OS.


Restore/Update Galaxy devices using Samsung Smart Switch

First of all, required stuff are:-

  1. Samsung Smart Switch (link given above)
  2. Problematic device
  3. Original USB cable

Samsung SmartSwitch is a simple tool to restore or update your device in few easy steps. It also has the ability to backup your stuff n phone to PC.  Can restore the backup as well.

Re-installing OS on galaxy devices

Updating is quite an easy process. What you need to do is, after installation of the software, head to “more” section on the top left. It will give a drop down menu.

Now what you need to do is, select the topmost option in that list i.e. to select “Ëmergency software recovery and initialization.”

After that, you will get the following screen

Now head to device initialization tab in the above screenshot.

Tap on OK. Now it will take you to another screen. This next screen will give u a simple warning about the removal of Google account.

Then tap on OK again. It will take you to another screen. This screen shows the current version installed on the device and if there is an update available, then it will proceed to initialize the update else it will proceed with re-installation of the OS.

Now click on OK. The screen will proceed to give some of the warnings and guidelines about the updates and installation.

Tap on OK. The next screen will ask you to create a backup or not. Since I don’t require a backup, I’ll select Skip backup.

The next screen will start downloading the software from the servers and after downloading, the installation will take place.


Restoring an unresponsive Galaxy device due to failed update

Now when you are on the following screen, just tap on  OK to start Emergency Software Recovery.

You also have the option to recover your device using a recovery code.

This Emergency Software recovery is very useful when your phone is stuck in a reboot loop or any other issues, after the update.

Thanks me later 😉


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