Brainstorming Methods For Better Business solution


If you have the desire to innovate and grow your business, brainstorming may be just what you need! It is an important part of the creative process, and therefore, you must take it into account. Let your mind flow without limitations and prepare your thoughts for the process of brainstorming, for this is only the first step.

A creative process does not exist without concentration; it means giving all of you at that precise moment to reach solutions to the problems in a creative way.

Brainstorming is considered to be the beginning of everything and the most important process for many designations. It allows the big companies to innovate in a dynamic and dazzling manner and helps them to stay on top of their game in the market.



To comprehend the concept of brainstorming, it is primary that you know what it exactly means.



What is Brainstorming?


Brainstorming is a technique developed by Alex Osborn to solve problems in the most creative way possible.


Whether in a group or on your own, for effective brainstorming you need to take into consideration any idea, even those irrelevant to the subject at hand. Disregarding a thought is not recommended for this test. Probably, the most favourable may come out of the unlikely.


A good brainstorming goes beyond simple ideas written down on a paper. These mentally transcribed notes contain the best ideas that will leverage the success of your company.


Therefore, it is important that all participants understand how the process works and are willing to let nothing influence conception and enlist all the suggestions.


Do not limit yourself, instead dig deeper into your idea. The crucial element for a smooth sailing idea is to be open-minded and give your thoughts the freedom to span without restrictions. It also implies that you do not discard anything, and make every attempt to jot down all the essential details, making it easier for your brain to connect the dots.


All the signs of prejudice should be avoided in a brainstorming session, everything is absolutely valid! Even if you do not think it is worth thinking. Set your mind free of worries!




How To Prepare For A Brainstorming Session?

Follow These Steps:


To put this technique into practice is not easy,  but taking these steps will synchronise and optimise an effective brainstorming session:


#1. Stay Focussed On Problem Solving


  • Define the purpose of brainstorming. To find an effective solution, you need to figure out and acknowledge the root of the problem.
  • Divide and define; the strongest and critical elements to get to the core of the situation at hand.
  • Finally, you and the team should focus on effective problem-solving strategies.




#2. Brew Creativity With Relaxation


  • Before you begin, write down your proposed ideas, and consider taking a moment to relax. Do something that brings creativity inside you. Common practices include listening to music, carrying out hobbies, meditation, going for a walk, & others.
  • Do not allow any external tension to hinder your creative progress.
  • Unload your burdens, and keep your eye focussed on the essential responsibilities that are not related to your personal life. Remember, a brainstorming process is meant for your business, it can make your life, so concentrate and be serious!
  • Relaxing helps to channel the flow of innovative ideas, especially when it comes to finding the solution to a problem. Thinking about solutions with a heavy mind is simply a waste of time and quite unproductive.




#3. Choose An Ideal Environment


  • Choose an environment that will help you maintain a relaxed process during the brainstorming session.
  • An ambience with disturbing noises is not advisable because sound pollution causes a distraction.
  • Besides, you may consider the comfortable venue to accommodate all participants.
  • You should also consider blending with a heterogeneous group to broaden the horizon of ideas.




#4. Take Time To Brainstorm


  • During the process, set a soft deadline, to allow each to think independently.
  • Do not feel apprehensive with the deadline.
  • The stipulated time should not seem like a negative aspect but a business boosting criterion, instead.



#5. Take Notes


  • From the moment you perceive ideas, write down everything and do not miss even the smallest triviality.
  • In a brainstorming session, it should be seen as a potentially viable turnout.
  • Write tirelessly, stimulate, and put your brain to work at full steam.
  • Do not worry about expressions or citing explanations.
  • Take notes that allow you to remember the sequence of reasoning when reciting the results of a brainstorming session.



Discuss the outcome of the session with participants


After the stipulated time put all the ideas on the table!


Listen to what the team has to say, and understand each individual’s line of reasoning and take suggestions. Do not ironise or criticise because the point is to find the best possible idea for your business.


Image Credits: Active Presence