Like fruits over soft drinks? Coca-Cola India introduces Fruit variants of Limca and Sprite

fruity soft drinks

Coca-Cola India Pvt. Ltd- the Indian unit of American beverage maker is all set to launch the fruit versions of its famous product flavors. The step is seen as a plan to bring innovations in their products for attracting the customer base. The launch of the sparkling juice is planned in the first half of the year, said the brand’s president– T. Krishnakumar. The company is seeing this expansion to be on the positive side for the company. “We are working on few more variants of brand Thumps up that we will launch during the first half of this year,” claimed T. Krishnakumar.

Story Behind the Fruity Soft Drinks – A Sparkling Innovation to Fruit Juice

The idea of introducing these fruity soft drinks came after the variant of Thumps up that came in November. The extension variant of the Thumps up is a much stronger version of the original 40-year-old cola brand.  Many experts in the industry are visualizing this innovation as a big threat to the other juice maker companies. The step is taken to increase the fruit quotient in the drinks and to reduce the sugar levels in them.

This step is taken by the company after the urge of Narendra Modi to add at least 5% of fruit juice in the drinks. The sparkling juice will help the Indian farmers to enhance their fruit sales. Millions of people buy Pepsi and Coca-Cola every year and thus this can be a big step. However, T. Krishnakumar has indicated that the prices will be maintained in India as it is a value-driven market. The company is expecting growth in both rural and urban areas for being positive in their sales.

Apart from the Cola products, the company is also planning to improve its dairy products. According to T. Krishnakumar, “We will also strengthen our dairy and tea offerings in India over time.” The company is planning to expand its roots in the market and get way ahead in the competition. Pepsi, one of the strongest competitors of Coca-Cola, is also adding fruit content in its drinks. It would be interesting to see how the companies entertain their customers with their fruity soft drinks.