This startup will completely alter the way you interact with your personal chauffeurs and hotel valets


An app that will enable you to communicate with the people temporarily in charge of your car at the simple click of a button.

That Night’s Story

The story behind this emerging Valet2You App revolves around two friends and a million dollar idea. It is said, “When the world sleeps, destiny plans the next move to take!”

And for what it’s worth, our young entrepreneur from Delhi, Rishabh Kapoor has experienced it first-hand.  It was one night when his friend Utsav Khaitan called him up casually discussing his recent trip to Mumbai and ended up telling Rishabh what a nightmare he had, waiting for his car almost endlessly to be brought by the valet. It was then that the two friends thought of the sheer amount of time and energy put to waste in co-ordinating with car chauffeurs and valets, the world over. One thing led to another, and after a night of long discussions over some cups of cappuccinos, “Valet2You” was eventually conceptualised! The very night they drew the first draft of the company’s roadmap!

The Concept

All set to float, “Valet2You” is an “Application” generated to abolish challenges ranging from car parking to valet tracking in India. Valet2You brings in the concept for individuals who can register themselves and their car, along with the details of their chauffeurs/valets. That being done, it will then facilitate these individuals to save the valuable waiting junctures of their life on the chauffeur to bring in their car. That not being all, Valet2You aims to introduce Real Time Input to its users with the bigger picture of the entire concept including in it, the reimbursement of time, making India paperless when it comes to the slip parking system and most significantly, the security and surveillance of individuals commuting by the app user’s car.


How it Works?

Valet2you has two dynamic features to cater. Once an individual registers himself on the app, he has the liberty to get his car parked in any Valet2You tied up hotel, mall or parking space without a single minute delay. He just has to reach the venue, get his Valet2You code scanned at the parking and immediately his parking space is allotted. Eventually, when he has to return, a notification is sent to the valet’s phone to pick him up. The Second feature is to track the driver while he is on a parcel transportation mode. This ensures security and surveillance when that parcel is a family member!

From the Co-Founders

“When I am catechized over the challenges I might face in making Valet2You popular and approachable enough, I put the answer in a question as in – Who had thought that a country like India would adapt to E-commerce & E-sales.” Rishabh Kapoor.

“To wait and waste that bit of time is not my cup of tea. I instead use Valet2you App and spend an extra hour in the gym” Utsav Khaitan says with conviction.

The Present & Future Storyline

The USP of Valet2you lies in the fact that it is an unparalleled App executing an unprecedented concept. This USP has successfully associated them with a number of hotel chains and mall parking spaces in Delhi.

With the vision of expanding ‘Valet2You’ through the Gulf and beyond, this app has an ensured future space in the cell phones of all individuals, at least who own a car!

Website: Valet2You

Download the Mobile App from Google Play store or Apple Store