Event discovery and Ticketing Platform Explara raises funding


Funding story

Personalized leisure discovery has become a booming market of late. Thus, it was no surprise when ticketing platform Explara, which also seeks to enable users to discover entertainment and leisure opportunities raised a significant amount of funding today. The amount raised is pegged at Rs 3.2 crore, and the principal investors were Ness Wadia, Singapore Angels and Hyderabad Angels.

About Explara and its services

Set up in 2009 by Santosh Panda, Explara provides tickets for a variety of exciting events, including movie shows, sports, expos and summits. Backed by Blume Ventures, the startup has tied up with several multiplexes across Maharashtra and Gujarat, allowing for a great expansion in its movie ticketing services. The platform’s event listing system on the site is excellently innovative. It lists various events under the “Trending”, “Latest”, “Today” , “This Weekend” and “This Month” tabs, providing extensive details about the events and their tickets. It also lays great emphasis on personalizing entertainment discovery opportunities for its many users.

The present and the future 

Overall, Explara handles over 1000 transactions per day, with a total of 103,000 being handled. Over 32,000 events are listed on its site, as of now, a marked rise from about 7,000 in 2014. It also acquired performing arts ticketing platform IndianStage earlier this year.The company’s cost optimization-with its focus on a small, dedicated core team, has also worked wonders for revenue generation, and it is poised to be one of the most attractive startups in this segment. This bodes well for all those who seek to discover exciting entertainment opportunities and enjoy them to the fullest.

Visit Explara’s excellent website here.