India Opens the World’s Largest Mobile Factory Today: 10 Big Things

Largest Mobile Factory

PM Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon J.-today inaugurate Samsung’s new unit in Noida. This unit of the company new big factory is in Sector-81 in Noida. On this occasion, Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will also be present.

#1. Infront an open ground in which cattle are searching for their fodder, on the left is the construction of many residential residential societies and on the right side, the world’s largest mobile factory founded by Samsung. This is what Samsung has constructed to form the world’s largest mobile factory in India.

#2. In the case of consumer electronics, the tag of being the largest mobile factory on the world map is not near China or South Korea and the US does not even have it, but it is the name of the Indian state Uttar Pradesh’s city Noida.

#3. The world’s biggest mobile manufacturing factory, spread over 35 acres of Samsung Electronics located in Sector 81, Noida, will inaugurate this factory on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon J. in on Monday. The helipad has been built near the factory to remove their helicopter.

#4. The first electronic manufacturing center was established in the country at the beginning of the 1990s, in which the TV began to become operational in 1997. The existing mobile manufacturing unit was implemented in 2005.

#5. In June last year, the South Korean company announced an investment of Rs 4,915 crore to expand the Noida plant, a year after which the new factory is now ready for double production.

#6. Samsung is currently making 6.7 million smartphones in India and the possibility of manufacturing around 12 million mobile phones will be manufactured by the new largest mobile manufacturing plant.

#7. The new big factory will not only produce mobile but Samsung’s consumer electronic goods like refrigerators and flat-panel televisions will also double and the company will continue to be the leading role in all these segments.

#8. According to Tarun Pathak, associate director of Counterpoint Research, Samsung will be able to launch the product in less time in the new factory.

#9. Pathak said this will help Samsung bring some local features in the device through research and development.

#10. Samsung has two manufacturing plants in India, Noida, and Sriperumbudur of Tamil Nadu, in Badur. Apart from this, there are five research and development centers and Noida in the design center and 70,000 people work there. The company has increased its network and has opened 1.5 lakh retail outlets.