Google’s ‘Semantic Experiences’ let you play word games with its AI


Google is doing a big research on natural language processing analysis. However not every new project can be a part of new assistant features or voice improvement technology. They had their fun with code when mastering Artificial Intelligence. Recently they have posted few web experiments which allows you to engage with word association systems.

First, and the most interesting way of searching something up is through Google Books, which is an enormous database. However, with the help of new Artificial technology, you can ask up a question instead of searching up a query. How cool is that? For eg. You can ask “Why was Napoleon exiled?” and it will give you can answer accordingly.

Talk To Books

The new technology is much advanced than before. It can return phrases and paragraphs from books which are based on their language to answer your question. Sometimes the answer hits and sometimes doesn’t. But its a nice step for future improvements. Even some sentence answering our questions seems quite funky when it was compared to actual keyword. Let us say the technology is still in beta phase.

We found that it is not very interactive to talk to books, as it abolishes the traditional way to learning and reading. This is also because the technology is not much advanced to answer up all the queries. It is because sometimes it just highlights the words and phrases in search results. This is the reason why it is not a practical approach to a book reading at this moment. However, it indeed might be shortly. But the good part is that it might introduce you to new books and new authors as the database is huge with almost around 100,000 books from different genres.

Its great to know that Google is actually working toward making book reading and finding answers an easy approach for readers. This technology can save up much time when looking for a particular topic, word, phrase or even an answer to a complex question. But Google still needs to work on making it more accurate and versatile.