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Vegas Ideas 35

Vegas Ideas Vegas at a Glance If you'd like help in process transactions, or locating a technique that's very good for...
snakehead fish

Animals can behave strangely sometimes, An Eel or a Snakehead? who stole duck’s bite?

who stole duck's bite: A recent viral video has created a sense of dilemma amongst people and has stuck brains with numerous questions. Why...
economic hub of world

Can India grow as an economic hub of the world during pm Modi’s regime

ECONOMIC HUB OF WORLD: Things do not remain the same always, they modify, they change, and this change could either be uplifting...

Snakehead fish that lives on land

Snakehead Fish: The diversity in nature astonishes us every time and creates a deep sense of awe and wonder. It grabs our attention to...

After-effects of an economic war between India and Pakistan and their allies

Economic War: Indo-Pak relations have always been a futile one. Friction between the two strong nations, has led to a void, a...