Logistics firm HoliSol raises funding


Funding story

Logistics startups continue to make hay.  After BlackBuck’s raising of a significant amount of funding, logistics solutions provider HoliSol managed to raise $10 million in funding from CLSA Capital Partners’ ARIA IV Funds.

About HoliSol

Founded in 2009 by Rahul Dogar, Naveen Rawat and Manish Ahuja, HoliSol is an acronym for Holistic Solutions. The startup claims to be a customer-centric entity which is always eager for knowledge and innovation. Moreover, its focus on simplicity enables it to deliver solutions which are extremely convenient for customers. It offers a number of diverse services—these being consulting, multi channel retail and secure packaging. HoliSol claims that its packaging is extremely eco-friendly and is geared towards cost-effectiveness. In addition, anti-rust treatment and end-to-end cycle management is also ensured by the startup.
Moreover, by relying on a well-graded distribution system which makes use of hubs, HoliSol is able to ensure last-mile delivery. HoliSol claims to be the prime logistics option for e-commerce retailers, and that its pre-eminent position in this regard has been attained through its offering of a whole host of extremely attractive options. These include both B2B and B2C operations, as well as a comprehensive warehousing package.  Related value added services include order management, international freight handling through careful optimization and manpower planning.
HoliSol also offers consultation services on a host of issues related to transport, delivery and logistics—these include process designing, logistics chain set-ups, customs advisory and distribution modeling, to name a few. Thus, HoliSol is not just another transportation solutions provider, but a provider of comprehensive logistics solutions, the expertise and vast knowledge of whose members can be channeled towards the long-term gain of numerous enterprises.

Present status and future prospects

It is these services which give it an edge over its chief rivals, among whom are included the likes of Jabong, Fabfurnish and Freecultr. Already, HoliSol manages 600,000 sq.ft of warehousing space across 14 locations. The startup seeks to use the raised funding to further ramp up its services by setting up more warehouses and expanding the range of delivery solutions which it offers. HoliSol’s future is thus incredibly bright.

The startup’s website can be visited here.