January 19, 2018


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How to Track Employee Productivity at a Workplace? 5 Ways for Managers to Increase Job Productivity

The work culture today is different than it has ever been in the past. New startups promise better working hours and higher employee satisfaction, at the behest of job...

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How to Identify Growth-Hacking Elements & Make your Startup Above the Average?

What is Growth Hacking? What are the growth-hacking tips for a startup to grow above the average? The secret lies in problem-solving and having an innovative team culture which...

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4 Most Essential Android Productivity Apps Every Serious Entrepreneur Must Get

Entrepreneurship is all about staying productive & continually delivering your best. To help keep up the spirits and maintain a high-level of efficiency at work, the Android...

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How To Attain Relevance In Business? & Why Is It So Hard?

What Is Relevance And How Does It Matter? The success of a company is related to the priority given from the public. What maintains it, in fact, is the relevance that’s...

Avoid startup failure

3 reasons causing startup failure In India

The dawn of startup failure: If you represent a 20-something flock of India, then you probably dream of being an Entrepreneur someday. And, if you apply yourself exceptionally...

Oracle introduces startup incubators in India

Thomas Kurian, president of Oracle today said, “Our goal is to make it extremely easy for people to access the Cloud and we want to make it accessible not just to big companies,...


4 Highly Effective Ways To Amplify Cash Flow In Your Startup!

The best way to deal with the cash flow hassle in your entrepreneurship, is to utilize the 4 effective gems given below. Happy Entrepreneurship! Mounting up a small business need...