Oracle introduces startup incubators in India



Thomas Kurian, president of Oracle today said,

“Our goal is to make it extremely easy for people to access the Cloud and we want to make it accessible not just to big companies, but also to every person who has an idea for a business that can transform this country.”

Oracle startup Cloud Accelerator will be first launched in Bengaluru, tomo, which is the second best funded startup hub in the world outside USA. It will be followed up with similar centers across the country in the next 12 months. The amount to be invested by the company for the initiative remains undisclosed. The company focuses on facilitating the companies to learn from venture capital funds and also former chief executives of the successful startups.

This idea was announced after the government launched a high-decibel campaign to promote startups in the country and develop our Eco-system. This will be an accelerator to early-stage technology and tech-enabled startups. It will help them to create efficient products and services with cut down costs. The company’s Vice President of Development, Sanket Atal, will be leading the initiative. The other centers still have to be planned at Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kerala, and Vijawada.

The working of the programme starts with the applying and registration in the company. The startups have to apply to be a part of the accelerator followed by a selection process. The selected ones will have to undergo a six month accelerator programme. The startups will then be able to access Oracle’s technology, including application and software through the cloud. The startups can also connect with the designers and engineers.

Oracle is totally aiming to mentor budding entrepreneurs and help the startups access the best technology. The company aims at setting up nine startup incubators in the entire country.